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The quality, variety, price and grade of wood flooring are complex, which often makes consumers don't know how to choose, let alone what to pay attention to when paving wood flooring

the three wood floors are more cost-effective than

solid wood floors: comfortable and natural, noble choice. This wooden floor is the floor decoration material after drying and processing of wood, which basically maintains the natural pattern of logs. It is comfortable and safe to use, and is favored by middle and high-income families. Due to different tree species, their prices vary greatly. Generally, there are more 200-300 yuan per square meter, and the expensive one can reach more than 800 yuan. The disadvantage of solid wood floor is easy to deform and complex pavement

laminate floor: durable and economical. The wood floor is made of high and medium density fiberboard and particleboard, which are laminated with impregnated paper adhesive film, and the surface is coated with wear-resistant materials such as melamine and alumina. It is characterized by neat surface patterns, easy maintenance and simple installation. Although the foot feels hard, it is wear-resistant, and the price of about 150 yuan per square meter is also more suitable for ordinary families

composite solid wood floor: it is a choice of inclusiveness and taste. The wooden floor is a solid wood composite floor made of hardwood species. Its surface layer is made of high-grade tree species, and its inner layer is made of fiber reunion. It not only overcomes the instability of dry shrinkage and wet expansion of solid wood floor, but also solves the problem that the solid wood floor is easy to warp and deform and is not wear-resistant. The wear resistance and scratch resistance of solid wood floor are better than that of solid wood floor, and can basically reach the wear resistance of granite. The price is about 140 yuan per square meter

Jiu Zheng reminded that when purchasing wood flooring, consumers should pay attention to whether the brand has environmental label product certification, formaldehyde emission standard book, water content standard, etc. In addition, the back of the brand wooden floor is printed with its own steel seal logo

when buying wood flooring, it is more important to buy after-sales service

there is a saying in the industry that "one third of the quality and one seventh of the pavement" for wood flooring. When consumers choose wood flooring, they choose brands on demand and after-sales service. According to insiders, the purchase of wood flooring includes the paving fee, but some secondary distributors take measures to reduce the price to attract consumers, and use workers without paving technology to reduce costs when paving. Therefore, consumers should also "compare the prices of three houses" for wood flooring of the same brand

in addition, well-known brands have good guarantee in after-sales service. Their dealers will designate professional installers to be responsible for wood floor paving, and implement quality assurance in accordance with relevant national specifications. There are also some well-known brands that require dealers to write two kinds of documents when paving wooden floors. Each document is in two copies: the buyer and the dealer fill in the paving address, floor number, area and paving date. After the pavement is completed, it shall be accepted by both parties. Experts believe that this not only ensures that the wooden floor of the company is not easy to be replaced and mixed by dealers, but also ensures the quality of pavement and after-sales quality




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