Old domestic goods bear the memory of childhood, a

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White rabbit milk candy, Wahaha AD calcium milk, Baique snow cream,

Liushen toilet water

constitute the taste of childhood

Huili shoes, paradise umbrella, Phoenix bike

Changhong TV

Haier washing machine

carries the memory of childhood

in the past, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson

almost monopolized the domestic mobile phone market

nowadays, Huawei and oppo, vivo Xiaomi's domestic market share is as high as 67.8%

Huawei in the field of communication equipment/smart phones

Alipay in the field of Internet payment, and Dajiang in the field of wechat

unmanned aerial vehicles

are becoming the pride of China

Jianyi marble tiles, Wrigley bathroom, Hennessy doors and windows, Sofia customized furniture

create a happy and warm home

domestic products are right beside you

blowing Gree air conditioning, Turn on Hisense HD TV

drink Tsingtao Beer

watch the live broadcast of the world cup

domestic products are right beside you

from old domestic products to new domestic products,

they are always around us

make better products and services,

go abroad and go to the world




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