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After decoration in winter, some owners will feel that there is not much decoration smell in the room, so they are eager to move in. In fact, this is an illusion caused by low temperature. When the temperature is low, the indoor odor will not be particularly obvious, so we must pay attention to it. More and more owners begin to recognize the decoration in winter, but if they pay little attention to the decoration, there will also be problems such as the warm color is only suitable for winter, and repeated repair is ineffective. If not handled well, it is likely to bring sequelae to future home life

◆ comprehensively consider the color problem

when decorating last winter, I felt that using more warm color furniture could make the house feel warmer, but in summer, I felt a little incongruous, but I can't deal with these furniture and then change them for summer. Ms. Chen, an owner who lives in Fengtai District, complained

when decorating in winter, people usually make the whole home atmosphere warmer, and once it comes to spring and summer, too warm colors appear inappropriate

tips: try to choose neutral colors in winter decoration, give play to spatial imagination, and create a home environment suitable for all seasons. Designer Fan Wei believes that the feeling of home in different seasons can be achieved through different soft decoration. For example, in winter, you can choose soft clothing products that make people feel warmer, such as wool and cotton, while in summer, it is more suitable to choose soft clothing products that make people feel refreshing, such as silk and linen

◆ don't forget to supervise the construction

the decoration time is too long, and I'm a little tired of dragging it out. Mr. Zhang, an owner who lives in Chaoyang District, complained that the reconstruction of the old house began after the National Day holiday, but the heating had not been installed until after the heating

the decoration period in winter will be 15 to 20 days longer than that in spring and autumn, because the natural drying speed of some materials in winter is slow, causing the overall construction progress to slow down. If 100 square meters of new houses are decorated, the construction period in spring will take about 50 days, while the reconstruction of old houses will take about 60 days. However, for decoration in winter, the construction period is usually about 3 months

tip: some owners usually have a rudiment of the decoration plan after several months of investigation, but it is late autumn at this time, and when the decoration starts, the construction period must be extended to winter. During this period, the heating period is just over, which is prone to some problems, so some owners will be at a loss. In this regard, Fan Wei suggested that construction before and after heating should be avoided as far as possible. Since the indoor temperature changes greatly before and after the start of heating, the projects that are easily affected by the indoor temperature should be completed before the start of heating, or the construction should be started after the start of heating. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoiding the Spring Festival, because many decoration workers have to return home for the Spring Festival, and the holidays are relatively long, which may affect the construction period and construction quality. In addition, the acceptance shall be strictly controlled after decoration. Carefully check whether there are cracks in the seams, stickers and other parts

◆ don't rush to repair in winter

some houses have some problems as soon as they enter winter, and repeated repair will have no effect. Therefore, some owners believe that the purpose of repair is to fix the problems. In fact, it is not. The purpose of repair is to prolong the service life of the project as a whole and to maintain the room. In this regard, Guo Yan, a designer of a decoration company, suggested that the owner should repair according to the needs or seasonal characteristics

tips: Cracks in houses in winter are mostly caused by seasonal changes, thermal expansion and contraction, so don't rush to repair. Because the weather changes in winter are not stable, if it is repaired at this time, the wall may continue to crack after the moisture volatilizes. Therefore, it is not too late to carry out a one-time repair after the cracking and deformation problems no longer develop in the next year

◆ don't rush to check in after installation.

the pollution caused by the decoration process has already become one of the most concerned problems of the owners. In fact, when decorating a room in winter, there is usually an obvious rebound in air quality, which may even cause indoor air pollution and endanger human health

tips: pay special attention to air quality in winter decoration, and green environmental protection materials should be preferred when purchasing furniture. In addition, even if there is no smell in the room, it will take half a month to a month to check in again. During this period, windows should be properly opened for ventilation. At the same time, Fan Wei also stressed that it is best to choose a warm afternoon for ventilation, and each ventilation time should not be too long




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