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Why does the decoration company refuse to let the owner take away the home decoration budget sheet before signing the contract? Presumably, this problem has troubled many people &hellip& hellip; Some owners who have been rejected by decoration companies may still complain. I hope that through this article, more people can understand the reasons. Phenomenon 1: your company is too far away, I have no time! You can send me the quotation of the plan directly. It's easy for everyone. Many designers may have heard such words. Designers who have been in the industry for a long time may be getting calluses in their ears! Here we have to criticize individual owners. You decorate your own house. Don't you have no time to see the plan? Too far? No matter how far the promotion discount in the building materials market is, it can be cheap. hasn't got time? When measuring the room, why do you have time to communicate with the designer on the spot? Is it just to get the free plan and budget? Some companies don't charge for measuring the room, and the designer's labor doesn't even have a basic return. The designer rushes to the drawings and quotations day and night. I believe you can also experience the hard work. Since you find a designer to measure the room and make a plan, please understand more and respect the efforts of others no matter how busy you are. Phenomenon 2: how do I know how much money if I don't send the budget? The budget is made to explain. Decoration is a process, not a commodity with a clear price. What level of workers? What quality materials are used? What complex process is used? Various factors will determine the price difference. There is specialization in the industry. For owners who are not proficient in decoration, pure price comparison is obviously not desirable. The budget is composed of many factors, which need to be explained by a special designer before you can understand where the money is spent. Phenomenon 3: if your company's quotation is reasonable, formal and transparent, why can't you let it go? Some people lost contact when they learned that they would not give a quotation. Of course, designers are very sad, but many regular companies also have difficulties in not giving a quotation. Because no one took the offer and compared prices everywhere to choose the cheapest one. However, the decoration industry is relatively special, and different materials and labor will lead to different quotations. Usually, after the quotation is made, the regular company will have special personnel to explain one by one in person, with complete projects and very clear explanations. Due to the complexity of the industry, the blind price comparison of owners who do not know the situation will aggravate the chaos of the industry in which low prices are used to attract and then increase funds and items, and the owners will suffer in the end. Therefore, in order to put an end to the phenomenon of malicious price comparison, many regular companies still adhere to the industry rules and do not leave the deposit quotation. Phenomenon 4: don't take away the quotation at will, show respect for the designer's labor, and some owners believe that the decoration company pays a lot of labor from measuring the room to quotation without any remuneration, and understand that it can't take away the quotation if it's uncertain. Moreover, it's useless to get an offer if you are not satisfied with the plan. If you feel satisfied with both the plan and the price after communication, it's understandable to take the offer away after making a decision. After all, others' labor should be respected. In fact, if you don't take away the quotation and ask it face to face, you can know it in your heart. Finally, I want to tell you that blind price comparison of decoration is unscientific. If you want to spend less money to achieve the best effect, you have to start with design! Meijia decoration network, the most reassuring home decoration in the world, 799 yuan/m2 all inclusive hardcover, quality life will not make do with it





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