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Log customized furniture care, log customized furniture care methods

log customized furniture care

in hot summer, no matter how good your skin is, you also need to maintain sunscreen and care. Therefore, even if the log customized furniture is good, you also need to do some basic maintenance to make your furniture still look bright

log customized furniture care methods, log customized furniture care in summer

furniture is also experiencing the test of high temperature in the scorching sun. Experts pointed out that high temperature, humid weather and excessive indoor temperature changes caused by air conditioning will damage furniture of different materials, ranging from peeling and fading to swelling and deformation. Therefore, furniture should also be "heatstroke proof" in summer

wooden furniture. Strong direct sunlight, excessive temperature change caused by frequent switching on and off of air conditioning, and too dry and humid environment will cause damage to wooden furniture, deformation, cracking and expansion, especially the traditional mahogany furniture, which is easy to expand and contract due to its large number of carved patterns. In summer, special attention must be paid to the changes of indoor temperature and humidity, as well as the damage caused by strong light

it is suggested to adjust the placement of furniture: stay away from the air conditioner vent, avoid direct sunlight, and close the curtains at noon when the sun is strongest. In addition, apply a layer of wax on the edge and bottom slide of the drawer and sliding door to prevent it from being difficult to open and close due to expansion; Put some sanitary balls in damp places, which can effectively prevent insects from biting

leather furniture. Leather furniture will lose luster and deform if exposed to the sun for a long time. In summer, people are prone to sweat, and the pores of leather furniture will absorb sweat, which is easy to produce peculiar smell. Therefore, in summer, you should frequently wipe with a rag, and regularly use professional cleaning and care products for maintenance; Don't put the sofa in the direct sunlight, and put it in the air-conditioned room to keep it dry; We should also avoid mildew at the bottom of the sofa caused by rainy, wet ground and other factors

fabric sofa. Sun exposure, temperature changes, pet damage and other factors will make the dry and comfortable fabric furniture fade and breed a large number of bacteria. For the maintenance of cloth sofa, experts said: "it is best to often use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove the dust on the sofa, and it is best to spread a waterproof sofa cushion and wash it often."

rattan furniture. Placing rattan furniture in a hot and dry place is very easy to crack. Damp and muggy weather is also easy to cause mold to breed between the cracks of vines. Therefore, the rattan furniture should be prevented from being exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the rattan material from fading and drying; Don't get too close to the heat source to avoid deformation, bending and cracking; Pay attention to indoor ventilation, and regularly wipe rattan furniture with a damp cloth; However, it should not be too damp, and the parts in contact with the ground should not be soaked in water. In addition, rattan furniture will become dirty after using for a period of time, so it needs to be cleaned in time. It can be wiped with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate, but also maintain flexibility, as well as prevent insects

I hope you will have a coke like mood in this hot summer, stimulating a refreshing and happy feeling

the old carpenter said: I will realize your creativity! The old carpenter's logs are customized in the whole house, and the cracking and deformation are compensated twice

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