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In European and American countries, a complete design team usually has a special color designer to complete the overall style decision of the home for everyone. But there are few such designers in China, so what should we do if we don't know how to match colors and want to build our home into an online celebrity home with a lot of likes on INS? First of all, you have to master some knowledge of color, and see more cases of color matching. As long as you improve your color knowledge and aesthetic level, you can complete space change

in European and American countries, a complete design team usually has a special color designer to complete the overall style decision of the home for everyone

but there are few such designers in China, so what should we do if we don't know how to match colors and want to build our home into an online celebrity home with a lot of likes on INS

first of all, you have to master some color knowledge and see more color matching cases

as long as you improve your color knowledge and aesthetic level, you can complete the magic of space deformation (make your home look twice as big)

the most important thing is to save a large decoration budget. If you use the color well, the sense of advanced will naturally come. You don't have to rely on money to stack ~

home color introduction

rule 1:

try to use low purity colors as a whole

purity is the freshness of colors

bright yellow and emerald green, which children generally like, belong to high purity. The recently popular cold wind of black and white and gray belongs to low purity

in home, high-purity colors should not be used in large areas

in terms of health, they overburden the eyes, and staring for a long time is easy to cause dizziness, irritability, irritability and other consequences

in terms of taste, they are difficult to match. Large area use is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue, and it is easy to make the home style rustic

rule 2:

use color to change the visual space

in fact, color can also change the size of the space visually, so with the right color, your home may be 20 square meters larger

the color with low purity, high lightness and cold color phase can enlarge the space

▲ it is obvious that the space is much empty

and those with high purity, high lightness and warm hues are expansive colors, such as bright yellow and orange red. They look like the sun, glowing and heating, which will make the small space more crowded and hot

▲ obviously, the space is much smaller

light colors have a sense of rise, and dark colors have a sense of fall. Therefore, for rooms with high and low floors, light colors can be used on the top, and dark colors can be used on the ground and furniture to forcibly open the visual distance between the top and the ground

▲ the same is true of skylights

rule 3:

control the number of space colors

the reason why black and white gray is so popular is that everyone gradually knows that simplicity is beauty for home design. However, simplicity does not mean that you can only choose cool colors

there is a popular saying: space color matching should not exceed three. (of course, it does not include black, white, gray and other colorless systems)

it is relatively easy to match with less colors, which is still meaningful for people who have little experience in color matching. However, it still needs skills to make the space look very three-dimensional and rich with few colors, because in addition to colors, we also need to consider factors such as patterns and materials

below, xiaofeijun has collected several color schemes, which can make home design more advanced and textured

"Morandi" color system

the highest level of furniture color matching

little friends who have learned painting should understand at a glance. The so-called "Morandi color" is not high-grade gray. The picture is peaceful and natural, soothing and elegant, and there is a kind of static harmonious beauty, which is actually what we call "sexual indifference" style now

the color is simple but not monotonous. Although it has lost the intensity and intensity of its original saturation, it appears softer and more elegant. If it is used well in home decoration, it will appear to be high-level and gentle

▲ because the cool temperament of gray is difficult to control, it is easy to create a stiff and cold feeling if it is not well matched, lacking the breath of life, and it is easy to produce a sense of distance. Therefore, we can combine various types of fabric furniture to achieve the balance between cold color system and warm color system

▲ if you really think gray is a little monotonous, then render it with lights with a very fashionable tone, bring unparalleled visual effects with a sense of gloss, and make the moody space advanced and stylish

▲ some people say that business men with excellent taste love this color matching kitchen. Gray is inherently low-key and thick, which coincides with the gentlemanly demeanor shown on men

▲ pure gray will create a sense of space expansion, and the texture of cement also has a little retro industrial flavor

▲ if you don't know what color bed products to buy, gray must be right, and the effect is always better than those cartoon characters and the great peony of the Republic of China

▲ through the above matching examples, you will find that the personality of high-grade gray is not low-key at all. It leads our emotional symbols, sometimes elegant and moving, sometimes arrogant

blue Department

that touch of deep and elegant style

quiet, noble, profound, romantic Blue brings people a lot of beautiful enjoyment. When the purity of blue appears in the living room, what you feel may not only be the elegance that pours on your face, but also an extremely quiet atmosphere of life, which gives your impetuous heart a free space to release

▲ baby blue background with beige home, the organic combination of lightness and stable texture brings a natural and magnificent momentum. And the relaxed matching shows the comfortable atmosphere of a comfortable home

▲ the baby blue sofa is matched with the white background, and the refreshing and beautiful colors create a bright and relaxed atmosphere, which makes you feel good all day

▲ ocean style space is suitable for placing more light blue furniture. Romantic and soft tones soften the visual sense of the overall color and render a romantic atmosphere

▲ the contrast between blue and orange can show us the speed and passion of color. Add brilliant orange to the bright sea blue, and the coexistence of bright colors firmly catches our eyes. The high emotional halo keeps the space in a pleasant rhythm

▲ royal blue with high lightness can also bring a dazzling and stunning effect

▲ a model of gray blue white collocation, you can follow it

▲ the white table is easy to show low, and the solution is to set it off with a deep color

▲ such deep-sea blue cabinets also make the kitchen look more advanced, as if it could cook a table of French food at any time

▲ the blue bed cover makes the room with white walls, white doors and light wood floors look deep and quiet

Color psychologists have long pointed out that people will feel calm in the environment of short wavelength colors (such as green), while they are more likely to be excited and excited in the environment of long wavelength colors (such as red and yellow)

this phenomenon may have occurred in the process of human evolution. Because for primitive humans, a green environment meant sufficient food and water. The positive feeling of green was integrated into the brain during evolution and has been preserved to this day

therefore, having a green home is like having a sense of security

▲ the lightness and purity of grey green are relatively low, which will not be green to the eye, and can bring a low-key and peaceful atmosphere to the space. It is more suitable for large-area wall color

▲ the walls with dark green as the keynote, the white sheets are pure and safe, and the collocation with dark green will not seize the initiative of the space, but also make the space more elegant and natural

▲ the injection of a trace of grey green in the living room is the key to breaking the balance. If you want to make the room more fashionable and interesting, and increase the quiet and elegant natural feeling, you can try it

▲ in addition to the big green of the wall, the furniture in the room can also echo, such as the sofa opposite the wall, the pillow on the bed, the plants on the desktop, and the transitional colors connecting them in the middle, including white, log color, metal color, from dark color to light color, and then to dark color, the sense of hierarchy of the whole room will be enriched

▲ olive green + bright white is the most commonly used color matching combination in design. With olive green as the background, white curtains and sofa carpets, the mellow and clean tone brings a relaxed and pleasant feeling. Add heavy colors, such as chestnut and elephant gray, to deepen the stability of space

▲ green is also special for the whole cabinet, but you can really try it when you are tired of seeing pure white and wood colored cabinets

▲ dressing up the bathroom in green will also give you a great surprise. Shower curtains, towels, bottles and cans can all be brightened with green to create a fresh sense of breathing

▲ the balcony greenhouse is more suitable for green, and the unified use of color forms a strong aura

pink Department

advanced Nordic color matching rules

among the popular colors in 2017, advanced pink is undoubtedly the most attractive. Whether it is clothing or home, Amway has attracted a large number of girlish people. Pink is more diverse. It can be sweet and innocent, romantic and dreamy, or calm and resolute. Therefore, pink can often be seen in the homes of people with different personalities

although pink is not easy to build, and it is easy to appear tacky if it is not selected well, in daily home, an appropriate pink can not only decorate the home, but also affect people's mood. Over time, their mentality will be bright and young

▲ lotus root powder color is a gentle and warm color, which adds a bit of fantasy and romance to the space. It is sweet but not greasy. Add neutral colors such as brown to make the color transition more harmonious. Appropriately add oneortwo pieces with higher lightness, which can also make the color more layered

▲ as the king of versatility, grey collides with pink (light pink, lotus root powder) to show a modern feeling

▲ with the old black leather sofa and the pink environment, you are really a special person with the fresh and jumping Nordic wind

▲ recently, brass utensils have become more and more popular. In the choice of household ornaments, brass has gradually become the first choice, either primary color or rose gold. The metallic temperament of brass and pink complement each other, bringing elegant dreams to home

it looks especially good in the bathroom

▲ the warm pink brings into the cold high-grade gray space, which can create a delicate and fashionable home space. It is a classic collocation, supplemented by small ornaments with a full sense of design, full of modern fashion

▲ the dreamy blue and coquettish pink with the sea brighten the whole space in an instant. The color matching like macron is exciting and full of freshness

▲ the baby room is more suitable for such pink and tender colors

▲ if you dare not use pink wall paint in a large area, you can also use pink items, such as bed sheets and pillows, to change the tone of the whole room

▲ the combination of brown gray and beetroot pink, the two colors complement each other, with a little mature charm in publicity, full of charm in composure, and the temptation taste like bitter chocolate is irresistible

orange color system

restore the bright feeling that life should have

orange color has a connection





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