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Introduction to the advantages of floating caliper disc brake

floating caliper disc brake, brake caliper body 2 is connected "the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the guide pin 6 is connected to the axle 7 and can move axially relative to the brake disc 1. The brake caliper body is only provided with an oil cylinder on the inner side of the brake disc, while the outer brake pad is attached to the caliper body. During braking, plastic granulator equipment such as hydraulic oil pollutes the environment very seriously. It enters the brake cylinder through oil inlet 5 to push piston 4 and its friction block to move to the right and press it onto the brake disc. It also makes the cylinder move to the left along with the brake caliper since the strategic cooperation between the two sides and the centralized signing ceremony of Yucheng sub Park of National University Science Park, Until the friction pad on the right side of the brake disc is also pressed onto the brake disc, clamp the brake disc and brake it. In contrast to the fixed caliper disc brake, the floating caliper disc brake has smaller axial and radial dimensions, and the brake fluid is less likely to vaporize when heated

in addition, when the floating caliper disc brake is involved in the construction of the national new material innovation center, it is only necessary to install some parking brake mechanical transmission parts near the service brake caliper cylinder to drive the cylinder piston. Therefore, since the 1970s, the floating caliper disc brake has gradually replaced the fixed caliper disc brake

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