Introduction to rotary joint function

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Explain the function of rotary joint

rotary joint is a transitional connection sealing device that inputs fluid medium from static system to dynamic rotary system

rotary joint type:

rotary joints are divided into high-pressure rotary joint, high-temperature rotary joint, high-speed rotary joint, water-cooled rotary joint, hydraulic rotary joint, pneumatic rotary joint, etc

main uses:

the application field of rotary joint covers almost all processing and manufacturing industries For example: metallurgy, machine tools, power generation, petroleum, rubber, plastics, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmacy, cigarette, paper making, food and feed processing

causes and treatment of joint leakage

cause 1: the concentricity of hollow shaft and matched rotating body is not enough. Countermeasures: check the size and accuracy, and adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body

reason 2: the assembly machine has low accuracy (heavy straightness of end face, large radial and axial clearance) and large vibration. Countermeasures: find out the cause and repair the assembly equipment

reason 3: foreign matters such as slurry and dirt enter the contact surface of the friction pair and increase its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process. Countermeasures: add filter or dirt remover, and change the type of rotary joint

reason 4: the operating pressure, temperature and speed are beyond the range of optional rotary joint. Countermeasures: the operating conditions of the graphene conductive paste with few layers for lithium batteries developed by the company were studied, and the research unit or manufacturer was asked to change the type of joint for the production of the first phase of the rotary Zhonghao chemical new material base project

cause 5: lubricating grease was not added within the specified time, and the ball bearing was not equipped with lubricating grease when used at high temperature. The sound of ball bearing was abnormal or damaged. Countermeasures: fill or replace lubricating grease regularly according to the use regulations, and replace the bearing

cause 6: the friction surface of the sealing friction pair is deformed, and the wear of the compensation ring is large. Countermeasures: grind the friction surface or replace the spare parts in case of abnormality

cause 7: deformation, aging, cracking and adhesion of auxiliary sealing ring. Countermeasures: replace the auxiliary seal with a new one

cause 8: the bellows is broken and damaged. Countermeasures: analyze the causes and replace with new elastic elements

cause 9: the concentricity between the eccentric grinding parts of the compensation ring and the air receiving shaft is not enough. Disposal Countermeasures: in addition to installing hangers and supports, strengthen the acceptance and inspection of product parts. The pneumatic rotary joint is a transitional connection sealing device that inputs the gas medium from the static system to the dynamic rotary system

structural features: the pneumatic rotary joint is a series of products specially designed for pneumatic control. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small friction torque, etc. It adopts balanced sealing, friction pair materials, and selects different pairs impregnated with graphite, bronze, tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, which is enough to resist the influence of rust, scaling, debris and other impurities on the sealing surface, Our seals are completed on CNC machine tools and special grinders. The surface is like a mirror, making the seal more reliable

all series of pneumatic rotary joint components produced at present (especially in terms of installation size) can replace Japanese SMC, American Dublin Deublin, American noff-noyton, German maierheidenheim, Japanese SGK, Japanese showkey, Italian rotoflux, Taiwan Yangyan rotatyjoint, Korean KOTRA and inject a little fine smooth oil (such as 1 spindle oil), SANWO and Korean SRJ components, and have great advantages in price. Among them, Tengzhou Hanbang machinery also contributes silently to the development and manufacturing of pneumatic rotary joints

service conditions:

service medium: air, compressed air

maximum speed: 1200 rpm

maximum temperature: 80 ℃

maximum pressure: 2.0MPa

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