Introduction to textreat inkjet printer

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Introduction textreat inkjet printer

Croatia AZON company recently launched TEXPRO garment pretreatment inkjet printer

the ink of this printer can be printed directly on the white shirt, and the ink has high adhesion. The device can print patterns on any fabric

it is reported that the textreat inkjet printer adopts a 6-nozzle hydraulic design system. Its application program can generate a fine spray mode without forming a plate on the cloth. Since the spray system can control the amount of pretreatment liquid, the printer can save more than 50% of the pretreatment. In particular, if the quality of thermal insulation materials is not up to the standard, the relevant liquid is not high price, equipment quality is good, and the whole machine is stable. The touch screen interface of the machine can not only change the jet length of ink, but also carry out operations such as filling, easy wear, cleaning or emptying of fluid transportation

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