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Introduction to the design of multi-function hall, background and fire broadcasting

system design of multi-function hall

this kind of venue is generally used internally by the unit, and it is required to be able to hold meetings, internal artistic performances and internal karaoke. Therefore, video display system, conference condenser microphone and other configurations are considered to be the same as those of song and dance hall performance system

background and fire broadcasting system

there are 3 test pieces; For the background sound of cold drawn low-carbon steel wire welding spot, the horn is designed with ceiling installation, wall installation or mixed installation,; Generally, ceiling speakers and wall speakers work in the medium and high frequency band, so the timbre is general, so they are mainly used for playing light music and broadcasting. For occasions where the timbre is low-frequency and soft and in fact harmonious, we can consider using Dr. Bose's ceiling speakers. Its box is used as a resonant box, and the timbre is very layered and low pitched. Of course, we can also use a hanging speaker like soundtube, which has a beautiful timbre, but I'm afraid you can't accept the price, The cheapest price is 4000 yuan. The configuration mainly includes five disc player, zone controller, floor monitoring, digital tuning, call control, etc. for places where volume control is required, volume adjustment switch shall also be configured. For fire broadcast, it must also be configured with UPS power supply to focus on high efficiency and low consumption and building a high-end aluminum industry chain, and connect with fire linkage. At present, famous brands mainly include Philips, Panasonic, TOA, etc., all of which have powerful computer control and programming functions; For the hotel room audio, sometimes multi-channel audio is used to facilitate customers' choice. For the system with few channels, the method of simply arranging multiple lines is adopted. For the system with many channels, the circuit modulation method is adopted to modulate the multi-channel signals through the modulator and transmit them on one line. At the client, the tuner is used to demodulate the signals of each channel; At present, China has also developed and produced the digital intelligent network broadcasting industry 4.0, which is the industrial transformation broadcasting system based on the "intelligent" technology. It has a touch control screen to support the installation of its own fire broadcasting software. All signals can be recorded in the built-in hard disk, which can be programmed and controlled with the connected equipment. The workstation and server communicate with tcp/ip protocol to monitor the status of all connected equipment, It is the mainstream of the intelligent fire broadcasting system that can control all connected equipment. Currently, there is centre of Huizhong company

Square Park background system

this is similar to the indoor background sound design, but the speakers are waterproof

film system design

film system includes optical projection A-ring system and sound reinforcement B-ring system; The film system is divided into ordinary stereo and three channels according to the playing mode, and analog and digital according to the signal processing; Most of the international cinema acoustics standards adopt the American Dolby standard. The selection of the video camera is mainly based on the distance. The power is 2000W and 5000W. At present, the brands mainly include Songhuajiang and Zhujiang. The video camera is equipped with an analog optical reading head. For the projection of digital format films, it needs to be equipped with a digital optical reading head. The decoders mainly include Sony and Dolby. The formats include sr.d digital stereo playback, sr.a analog stereo and mono channel projection. Speakers selected in cinemas shall be thx certified speakers, but speakers with different power and coverage angle shall be selected according to the size of the occasion. Most surround speakers are placed symmetrically from the first row of audience, and the number is generally no less than 8. The movie screen is a special sound transmission screen. This material has little resistance to the transmission and penetration of sound. Using an ordinary white screen will make the whole space sound hazy

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