Green management of the hottest property equipment

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Green management of property equipment and facilities

Abstract: This paper outlines the application background of equipment and facilities management. The task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of plastic granulator is particularly urgent, and the advanced equipment management methods and investment means of energy conservation and environmental protection are promoted. By analyzing the process of equipment and facilities

management and continuous improvement and transformation of operation characteristics, we can maintain normal working and living order for the owner, purify and beautify the living and working environment. At present, the property has an increasing demand and dependence on modern equipment and facilities, and the role of equipment and facilities is becoming more and more prominent. The author discusses the energy saving and environmental protection problems and improvement measures of green management of property equipment and facilities

since the 1980s and 1990s, the national economy has_ Steady and rapid development has also aggravated the depletion of resources and environmental pollution. It seriously restricts the sustainable development of social economy and directly threatens the survival of everyone and future generations. With the continuous progress and development of social science and the improvement of living standards, more and more attention is paid to green environmental protection. In 1986, China issued the "energy efficiency investment standard for civil buildings - heating residential buildings"; In 2001, the "design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in hot and cold winter areas" was issued; In 2003, the "design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in heated winter warm areas" was issued; In July, 2005, the "design standard for energy efficiency of public buildings" was issued, indicating that China attaches importance to the energy efficiency of civil buildings. Green (energy-saving and environmental protection) housing has become the trend of the development of housing industry, and it is an inevitable result of the development of housing industry. This provides new development opportunities for property management, but also faces challenges. Its proposal not only overlooks the requirements of people for the living environment. At the same time, property management is also changing from a one-way management type to a comprehensive management benefit type such as social, economic and environmental management, and the property service mode is also moving towards its upgraded version - green property service

1. Definition of the connotation of green property

1.1 equipment and facilities of traditional property

with the improvement of urbanization level and the rise of real estate industry, the completion of a large number of properties has a negative impact on resource consumption and ecological environment. Buildings occupy a large amount of land resources and natural space. The extensive and polluted production process of the traditional construction industry affects the natural hydrological state and air quality, and produces a large amount of waste. Currently, the pollution caused by building materials production and construction activities in China accounts for about 34% of the total pollution, which has a significant negative impact on the environment. Moreover, the equipment system configuration of the traditional property (central air conditioning system, constant pressure water supply system, drainage and sewage system, high and low voltage power supply system, gas supply system, elevator system, communication system, office, security and fire protection system) can only operate independently. In Canada, the traditional property equipment and facility management focuses on the on-site management, focusing on the maintenance and treatment when there are several obstacles, and has the characteristics of "maintenance", There will be "idling" under unattended monitoring, resulting in a waste of resources

1.2 green property equipment and facilities

in addition to the basic functions of traditional property, green property must also have special functions of coordinating the environment and protecting the ecology. Therefore, the construction of green properties should follow the principles of ecology and reflect the principles of sustainable development. In terms of planning, design, construction methods, material selection and use, they should be carried out according to the specific requirements different from traditional properties. We should absorb many mountains such as architecture, ecology, biology and intellectualization. The design of scientific and technological achievements takes into account multiple material and spiritual factors

according to the technical guidelines on green ecological residential quarters developed by the housing industrialization promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the overall measurement standard of green housing is: 1. It is widely open in physiological and ecological aspects; 2. The environmental protection plough building materials that are harmless, pollution-free and can be naturally degraded are adopted. 3. The ecological engineering design without waste and pollution is made according to the principle of open closed and closed cycle of Ecological Economy: 4. The three-dimensional greening with the terrace can be conducive to protecting and stabilizing the ecology of the surrounding area; 5. Clean energy is used, which can degrade the energy consumption of residential operation and improve the self-supporting level. 6. Rich in ecological culture and artistic connotation

the property company mainly reflects in the whole life process of operation, maintenance, demolition or reuse (public equipment and facilities and secondary decoration), considering the protection of resources and ecological environment, reducing pollution, in order to maximize the overall social benefits

2. Green management of property equipment and facilities

first of all, property enterprises do J in regular service! Highly publicize the concept of green property management, establish the "green brand" of the enterprise, and actively participate in the IS09002 and IS014001 system certification. When delivering the house in the early stage, sign the environmental protection acceptance festival with the owner. The letter of commitment not only puts forward requirements for the property service company's own environmental protection obligations, but also requires the owner to abide by the environmental protection standards of the community after moving in. Cultivate residents' good green ideas

secondly, green management should be implemented to developers and owners in the planning and construction stages. Developers are required to put environmental protection and energy conservation in an important position, with the design goal of achieving high comfort and low energy consumption. Property service companies can recommend or suggest the use of green building materials and decoration materials to real estate developers, or put forward the requirements of creating "green houses" to owners in accordance with the relevant national standards, or put forward corresponding measures and standards in terms of planning, design, etc

thirdly, we should follow the basic principle of "people-oriented" and actively promote the concept of green property service. Including: establishing a "green creation" management organization; Formulate the "green creation" system; Formulate environmental protection guidelines for green communities; Regularly hold green consumption, environmental education and publicity activities. Actively carry out energy-saving and environmental protection transformation and upgrading of equipment and facilities,

use energy-saving and environmental protection materials in operation and maintenance, and comprehensively recycle resources

green transformation and management plan

(I) waste classification and treatment. Establish special waste transfer, classification and collection stations in the community. Classify garbage: materials (recyclable, such as plastic, glass, metal, etc.), kitchen garbage (recyclable, landfill or composting), non recyclable (residue, etc.), dangerous goods (fluorescent lamps, batteries, drugs, etc.), etc. Garbage disposal must follow the principle of "harmlessness, reduction and recycling", so as to classify and bag garbage and reduce the pollution caused by garbage transportation. Recyclable resources can be unified, which can not only reduce the waste property costs of property service enterprises, but also generate income

(II) create a local small environment: control air quality and improve atmospheric cleanliness. Modern properties should abolish coal-fired and oil fired heating and cooking equipment, add fume treatment equipment, reduce the emissions of coal ash, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and fume, and use liquefied gas as fuel; Promote the use of unleaded gasoline. At the same time, green belts are set beside the two

lanes to isolate vehicle exhaust, and vegetation and tree species with the function of absorbing and transforming vehicle exhaust are planted; If the exhaust emission of cars in the underground parking lot is concentrated, an air alarm probe should be set. When the harmful gas exceeds the safety value, the exhaust system will be automatically opened to ensure the air safety of the parking lot. Establish an ecological greening system to beautify the property environment. Setting aside the geographical, architectural and climatic characteristics of different properties, we should set up green belts suitable for green space and establish an ecological greening system, so that people and nature can achieve a perfect and harmonious unity. Green space and green belt can not only beautify the environment, but also protect the environment. Maintain and make good use of the ecological greening system

(III) reclaimed water treatment system. At present, the conditions for the construction of reclaimed water system in residential areas have been basically met and are becoming more and more perfect. The drainage volume of the residential area is large, the demand for miscellaneous water is also large, and the water volume is easy to balance. For rainwater and sewage, the original rainwater drainage pipe is used to establish an independent rainwater and sewage collection network and treatment and storage equipment to treat rainwater and sewage. Or build a nearby landscape pool and sewage treatment station, or use the original municipal facilities to treat the sewage of ashui, making it a renewable water resource for washing roads, watering green spaces, washing cars, etc. It can reduce pollution and save water resources. MBR (membrane bioreactor) method can be used for the reclaimed water treatment system in residential areas:

its characteristics are: water consumption can be saved by 30% ~ 40%, and drainage can be reduced by 35% ~ 50%. It is a new treatment process, with minimal sludge output and PLC automatic control, convenient operation but high equipment investment; The renewal of membrane (membrane bioreactor) will increase the operation cost

(IV) noise control. Noise sources related to property services mainly include vehicle traffic noise, construction noise and social life noise. For vehicle traffic noise, we should fully consider the management of the diversion of people and vehicles, limit the speed of vehicles, and prohibit vehicles from whining in the community. For the construction noise, it is forbidden to engage in construction

operations in the reception, and it is necessary to limit the decoration construction, establish isolation zones, etc

(V) building electrical system. The principle of energy conservation is to reduce energy consumption and improve energy utilization on the premise of fully meeting and improving the functional requirements of buildings. One of the ways to save energy is to allocate building equipment reasonably, and control and manage it effectively and scientifically

system allocation and implementation of cr929 wide body airliner special equipment, equipment selection, and energy-saving measures for electrical control:

(1) energy saving of power supply and distribution system: improving the power factor of power supply system and controlling harmonics is a way to improve power supply quality and save energy

improve the power factor: build and configure the corresponding reactive power compensation cabinet. Increasing the power factor can reduce the capacity of transformers, conductors and other electrical equipment, and the specifications of control equipment and electrical instruments can also be reduced accordingly. It can reduce the loss and droop of the line

harmonic control: high-order harmonics in power supply and distribution systems are mainly generated by nonlinear load electrical equipment; The main source of harmonic pollution in low-voltage electricity is power electronic equipment, such as drivers, UPS, welders, computers, printers, etc. At present, the mountain of harmonic control. Method also means that both passive filter (LC call) and active filter (APF) can control harmonics well

energy saving of distribution system equipment also includes: reasonably select the power supply center, reduce the length of low-voltage side lines, and reduce line losses. Reasonably select high efficiency and low consumption transformers. Optimize the economic operation mode of transformer: that is, the operation mode with minimum loss can consider setting special transformer to reduce transformer loss. Reasonably select the line route to reduce the line loss

(2) energy saving of electrical lighting: the lighting energy-saving design should strive to minimize the loss of light energy in the lighting system without reducing the visual requirements of the working surface and lighting quality, select appropriate light sources and high-efficiency energy-saving lamps with intelligent control (light control, time control, human body induction, etc.), and make full use of the collocation of light sources such as electric energy, solar energy and natural lighting. For example, electronic ballast or energy-saving high power factor inductive ballast should be selected. The power factor of single fluorescent lamp in public buildings should not be less than 0.9, and the lv. lamp power factor of gas discharge lamp should not be less than 0.85, and products with high energy efficiency grade should be used. The main lighting power line shall adopt two-phase power supply as far as possible to reduce the loss of electricity weariness, and try to make the two-phase lighting load_ Balance, so as not to affect the luminous efficiency of the light source

(3) electrical section of building equipment

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