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Green business opportunities under food safety

I. The Shadow shrouded in quality life

when using peek to form the soft valve seat of the valve, people put the word "quality life" on the desk. When the entrepreneurial seedlings rooted in the soil of high-molecular new materials will eventually grow into towering trees under the careful protection of the platform, they suddenly found that, in fact, in our daily life, The biggest harm to human body is actually the food we eat every day. Mad cow disease is coming, foot-and-mouth disease is coming, pork is rich in clenbuterol, and milk is mixed with melamine. Just after the previous round of bird flu, a new round of h7n9 is coming. People are scared to death in panic and eat these food they depend on for survival. No one knows whether the high-end food he just ate will be detected with a new virus one day. Therefore, people turn their attention to those ecological agricultural enterprises. Pollution-free green food has also become a new favorite of people. Prices have soared all the way, and ecological agricultural enterprises have also ushered in vitality

for many years, the profit of agricultural products planting is negligible. Although people also advocated organic food, green food and pollution-free food at that time, for thousands of years, the traditional concept of "no fish, no feast, no duck, no feast" has been deeply rooted. When entertaining guests and friends, seafood, chicken, duck, fish and meat are produced, and family reunion at least requires a whole chicken or duck to eat. I didn't know that these poultry and meat foods themselves contain acidity, and cancer cells multiply in an acidic environment, and meat products contain poultry antibiotics, Growth hormones and parasites are harmful to human body

second, strategic vision

enterprises with strategic vision positioned their products on pollution-free green food when choosing agriculture. At that time, organic food was popular. Once a certain food was crowned with the word "organic", the price would increase to 4-5 times. It is undeniable that organic food does not use any chemically synthesized pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, growth regulators and other substances in the production process, as well as a series of sustainable agricultural technologies that do not use genetically engineered organisms and their products and follow natural laws and ecological principles. Enterprises have been planting with this standard for more than ten years. Although the product price is not high, there is no need to worry about sales. From the perspective of enterprise brand building and strategy, the requirement of high quality is the foundation of the development of agricultural enterprises

III. business opportunities in the conversion of meat and vegetables

bird flu suddenly came, without any sign, chicken, duck and fish dared not eat, and green pollution-free food has become people's first choice food. So, what is green pollution-free food? That is, the indicators of pesticide residues left in vegetables are lower than the national or national standards. Therefore, compared with green products, green food is not absolute. In the production process, green food has certain strict requirements on the quality of environment, soil and groundwater, which is harmless. In the consumption process, it is safe and healthy for people, and it is the general name of pollution-free, safe, high-quality and nutritious food. These are exactly what enterprises have always followed, and opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. In this unprecedented transformation of meat and vegetable, green pollution-free food has become the protagonist from the previous supporting role. It is widely favored and its value has doubled. Those enterprises that have been engaged in green pollution-free food for many years are naturally the biggest winners

IV. the leading product of the table in the future

for many years, people have been advocating green food, but it is not an easy thing to really come out of meat and fishy food. After countless times of virus infestation, people learned from the bitter experience that chicken, duck, fish and meat, which used to be the dominant products on the table, gradually retreated to second place. From the perspective of nutrition and safety, green food is the dominant food on the table. China has a vast region and dense population, and the agricultural products are different everywhere. In order to achieve a dominant position in the agricultural product market, regional planting is very necessary. Large forward-looking agricultural science and technology enterprises such as powerful ones have inspectors from various water sludge enterprises in different regions of the country. After training, most of them can skillfully operate their own planting bases, and their products complement each other, It will gradually dominate the main trend of agricultural products, and enterprises will also expand rapidly and remain invincible. In addition,

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