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Under the goal of carbon neutralization, the green imagination of micro electricity

on March 1, State Grid Corporation of China released the action plan of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. According to the plan, State Grid will accelerate the construction of strong smart electricity, strengthen the cross regional transmission of clean energy, ensure the timely synchronization of clean energy, support the development of distributed energy and micro electricity, do a good job in the combined micro electricity access service, and give full play to the local consumption of distributed power Integrate and optimize the role of supply and demand resources, promote the upgrading of electricity to energy interconnection, and strive to create a platform for the optimal allocation of clean energy. Not long ago, xiaoyaqing, Minister of industry and information technology, also said in a recent media interview that industrial enterprises and parks are encouraged to build green micro electricity, give priority to renewable energy, and build green factories and green industrial parks in various industries and regions

as one of the core elements of energy interconnection, microelectronics aims to realize the flexible and efficient application of distributed power, solve the problem of the merger of a large number of distributed power in various forms, and effectively improve the consumption capacity of electricity for clean energy since peek was developed by ICI company in 1978. At the same time, micro power has the characteristics of energy saving, convenience and high reliability, which can meet the demand of constant displacement control power industry for continuous power transmission. Micro electricity has become an important means to promote energy transformation and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system

the consumption capacity is improved, and micro electricity promotes the development of renewable electricity.

the dual pressure of energy depletion and environmental protection drives the power industry to shift the focus of future development to clean renewable energy. The energy economy is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. The proportion of green renewable energy power generation represented by solar energy and wind energy is increasing year by year, the utilization of renewable energy is more distributed, and the boundaries between producers and consumers are increasingly blurred. Micro electricity technology can fully promote the large-scale access of renewable energy and distributed energy, realize the high and reliable supply of various energy forms for the load, and provide an important technical direction for the efficient use of new energy power

the main feature that renewable energy is different from fossil energy is that it is more dispersed and mostly distributed outside the load intensive areas. Schneider Electric believes that the micro electric control function can integrate affordable renewable energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce fuel costs, so as to achieve self consumption and production of renewable energy. Due to the self-sufficiency of micro electricity, energy popularization can also be achieved through scalable micro electricity at a reasonable cost in remote areas or areas far away from the main electricity

compared with the traditional mode of large-scale power generation, long-distance transmission, and uneven supply and demand coordination, micro electricity can form a good complement with the mode of focusing on the user side, integrating energy supply and consumption, and integrating cooling, heating, and power, guiding the local consumption of distributed energy, establishing an energy production and consumption mode of diversified integration, supply and demand interaction, and efficient allocation, which greatly improves the efficiency of the use of new energy power

safe and reliable, micro electricity improves the stability of power supply

all along, China's new energy development has taken the route of combining centralized development and decentralized utilization: on the transmission side, new energy access is large-scale centralized and dominated, and cross regional clean energy transmission is achieved through strong electricity with UHV as the core; On the power distribution side, new energy is connected to electricity in a decentralized manner with small capacity, and local consumption is achieved through smart micro electricity. Compared with the large-scale concentration and consolidation of new energy, the application of smart micro electricity can make up for the lack of security and stability of large electricity. Through reasonable planning and management, it can also improve the reliability of power supply and reduce the loss of electricity

Schneider Electric believes that one of the main advantages of micro electricity is that it can be seamlessly disconnected and reconnected with the main electricity without causing power interruption. In addition to being able to operate independently, micro power can also operate in parallel with the main power to strengthen the operation capacity of the main power. In view of these advantages, power companies can manage local power generation according to local demand, reduce power exchange at the connection between the system and electricity, and release power resources

in addition to being able to backup each other with big power, micro power is also an autonomous system that can realize self-control, protection and management, which can operate with external power or in isolation. It is decreasing as a complete import; 2. The power system can rely on its own control and management to supply energy, realize the functions of power balance control, system operation optimization, fault detection and protection, power quality management and so on, and can continuously supply power to important users in the case of power disaster. With the supplement of micro electricity, the stability and sustainability of power supply will be effectively improved and guaranteed

it is worth noting that micro electricity plays an active role in improving the construction of disaster resistance capacity of power system, providing interregional accident support and backup functions, and realizing the optimal allocation of power resources. Micro electricity can effectively solve the problems faced by conventional power supply in remote areas of China, such as long transmission distance, small power, large line loss, and expensive construction of substations, and effectively support the power supply in remote areas and areas where conventional electricity is difficult to cover

Schneider Electric helps the development of smart electricity with advanced micro electricity solutions

as a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric is participating in the technological transformation of smart electricity through ecostruxure electric architecture based on IOT and targeted micro electricity solutions such as ecostruxure micro electricity operation system emo and ecostruxure micro electricity consultant EMA, which can effectively manage micro electricity, Provide overall consultants for the optimization, integration and centralized management of distributed energy for power operators, eliminate isolated and offline operation modes, improve energy structure, optimize costs, participate in power auxiliary services, and improve the asset income of power distribution system. Through more extensive and accurate data collection, analysis, insight and action, we can meet the challenges, provide users with flexible, safe, effective and complete intelligent electrolysis solutions, and make our own contribution to improving energy efficiency

in 2018, Schneider Electric helped Milford, Connecticut, design and build advanced micro electricity: by designing and building advanced micro electricity that can operate at multiple levels for Milford, in order to provide flexible power supply for key buildings in Milford in case of power failure, reduce the power consumption of buildings in the city, and allow Milford to pass through virtual 23 The automatic diagnosis function proposes an electricity metering credit plan to reduce the power cost of other facilities. Schneider Electric also participated in and completed the first comprehensive smart electricity demonstration project GreenLys in France: by providing struxureware demand side operation platform and innovative wiser system based on cloud, it encourages enterprises and households to actively respond to and participate, so that users can review load reduction requests and energy pricing data. Ultimately, businesses and home users can easily and flexibly use energy, thereby reducing costs and improving electrical stability

in the future, Schneider Electric will continue to work in the field of distributed energy and micro electricity, constantly improve micro electricity solutions, promote the energy transformation process of the power industry, and help the industry achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible

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