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Commercial paper printing enterprise green ", he added that color certification has become the focus of this year

recently, the 13th annual meeting of commercial paper printing branch of China Printing Technology Association and the publicity and implementation meeting of commercial paper green printing standards were held in Dalian. The focus of the commercial paper printing branch this year is to promote bill printing 2 Green certification of enterprises with low jaw quality and poor jaw quality

nearly 500 practitioners from more than 200 enterprises across the country attended the meeting. The annual meeting mainly focused on the promotion of online invoices and green printing

Wang Yanbin, head of relevant departments and bureaus of the State Administration of publishing, radio, film and television, said at the meeting that commercial paper printing enterprises are the main body of implementing green printing, and the implementation of green printing standards is the core of implementing green printing. In the specific implementation, standards should be made into habits, so that habits meet the standards

at the meeting, Wu Hongwei, general manager of Guangdong tianzhang Information Paper Co., Ltd., Liu Yu, general manager of Chongqing Yuanjian Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Huang Yi, chairman of the Chinese society of printing technology, printed out the test values, and then Kesheng believed that bill printing enterprises with tax invoices as the main business should start to transform. They made a speech on the current environment faced by enterprises and the direction of future transformation

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