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The "green" economy shares opportunities in the Chinese market at the China Import Expo. Release date: Source: People's

the third China International Import Expo opened as scheduled in Shanghai on November 5. It is understood that the total area and exhibition scale of this fair are larger than those of previous ones, and special zones for energy conservation and environmental protection are newly established. The operating principle of battery extrusion testing machine shows China's position and attitude to continue to promote the construction of an open world economy, adhere to sustainable development and create a prosperous and beautiful world

entering the Expo site, the "energy conservation and environmental protection zone" in the technical equipment exhibition area attracted many people to stop. Many visitors gathered around the "sustainable home" exhibition room set up by IKEA on site, including living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children's room, etc. The exhibition room is made of recyclable materials, showing people healthy, environmental friendly and sustainable home life solutions and creative inspiration. For example, each room can be adjusted and spliced through flexible and modular furniture to meet people's freedom to transform the backyard space of their homes. A staff member said that IKEA presented several modules such as sustainable homes, sustainable product stories, sustainable food, and sustainable community workshops with a 360 square meter exhibition area under the theme of "better homes, better homes", Show people the scene of sustainable life. It is reported that IKEA has a sustainable industrial chain covering the whole process from design, manufacturing, storage to transportation. The staff also showed the souvenirs made by IKEA after recycling the PET materials from the last Expo, such as curtains made of PET plastic bottles, lanterns made of bamboo, and handicrafts made of recycled paper after processing, which attracted the admiration of the onlookers

Baoye group also showed its green and energy-saving corporate image at the Expo. It is reported that Baoye group, with its overseas research institutes and many international technology integrated products behind them, was able to appear in the energy conservation and environmental protection zone of the third China International Fair. As a construction company, Baoye group, under the big engine of global green, low-carbon, intelligent and high-quality development, borrowed the Expo platform to show all walks of life the concept of sustainable development integrated in China's construction manufacturing industry to give full play to the respective advantages of enterprises and scientific research institutions

it is worth mentioning that on the first day of the fair, China Foreign Investment Statistics Bulletin 2020 and China foreign investment guidelines were released. It is reported that the transformation of scientific and technological achievements was accelerated. In 2019, China set up 41000 new foreign-invested enterprises, and the actual amount of foreign capital used was $141.23 billion, an increase of 2.1% over the previous year; As of December 2019, China has established a total of 1.002 million foreign-invested enterprises, and the cumulative amount of foreign capital actually used has reached US $2.29 trillion

the data shows that in the past year, the quality and efficiency of foreign investment in China have performed well, and investment confidence has continued to increase

Panasonic group, which has participated in the Expo for three consecutive years, aims at China's health and elderly care market with great potential this year. It is reported that Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd. and Chinese insurance giants Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Mitsui marine fire insurance (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot. The three parties will give full play to their respective strengths and strengthen cooperation in the health and elderly care industry, smart city and smart family, as well as innovation business, investment and financing business, insurance business, etc

IKEA, which has also participated in the fair for three consecutive years, also attaches great importance to the holding of this fair. Anna kulija, President of IKEA China and chief sustainable development officer of IKEA China, believes that the holding of the third China International Fair as scheduled reflects China's determination and efforts to expand opening-up, share China's opportunities with the world and promote inclusive development of the world economy, and shows the willingness of enterprises from all countries to come to China for cooperation and development, which is a very positive signal for multinational enterprises

Anna kulija said that Ikea will continue to deepen the development of the Chinese market and promote the health, safety and sustainability of China's human settlements; In addition, Ikea will also have a dialogue with friends from all walks of life to jointly promote the "sustainable development" to take root and make contributions to the bright future of Chinese society

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