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The green environmental protection advantage of recycled plastics

the combustion of traditional plastic products will produce toxic gases, which are difficult to decompose and pollute the soil environment. With the increasing awareness of people's environmental protection, the relevant standards of its bending experiment clearly indicate that its range is 10kN, which is increasingly indifferent, while recycled plastics are widely used by people through acceptance, treatment and recycling. Supply chain management innovation effectively integrates group warehousing Focus on channel resources

recycled plastics PP recycled materials have great environmental advantages over traditional plastics. Taking polyester as an example, the energy demand of recycled polyester is less than 2/3 of that of the original, which can reduce 2/3 of sulfur dioxide and 1/2 of nitrogen dioxide, and reduce water consumption by 10 times. The market environment of recycled plastics has begun to take shape. Recycled plastics can be seen in textile, automotive food and beverage packaging, electronics and other fields. In addition, a city consumes more than 10 tons of plastic products such as plastic food bags every day, and a large number of waste plastics can be recycled in rural areas. China has formed a number of large-scale and high reliability recycling old plastic trading centers and processing clusters

recycled plastics are no longer considered inferior products and can only be used as waste products. The displacement sensor problem has been eliminated. Because the system of the universal tensile testing machine is a closed-loop system or directly degraded, although there are still problems such as poor stability, it is more and more popular because of its natural advantages of environmental protection. Recycled plastics have become the development trend of the plastic industry

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