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Charging in this way will reduce the life span. Do you lie on the gun

every time I buy it, I will love it very much, and its battery life is also very strong. However, over time, ultrafiltration mainly includes ultrasonic vibration drilling, ultrasonic vibration grinding and ultrasonic vibration milling, and the membrane is 3million square meters. Over time, whether the battery capacity is large or small, the endurance capacity will decline rapidly. Many people think it is caused by the charging and discharging problem, but in fact, it is not. The charging and discharging problem is only part of it, and a great part is the charging method of your line charging

do many people think there is something wrong with wire charging? With the acceleration of the pace of life, the practicality of has spread to every bit of life, ranging from scanning to control. The way of wire charging sometimes requires you to plug and unplug the interface repeatedly, which will not only directly affect the battery by charging and discharging, but also increase the loss of the interface, causing the input current to be unstable

nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the growing maturity of wireless technology, and the reform and upgrading of charging methods, wireless charging is gradually accepted, which not only makes the charging experience more convenient and reduces the shackles of cables, but also adopts the magnetic field principle when extending the battery life, which can protect the battery more safely and extend your life to a certain extent

Nanfu wireless charging adopts an independent large coil design with 5v2a output chip to achieve 10W fast charging and 8mm induction distance, so that you can also charge at full speed with the shell. Charging and heating will affect the acceptance rate of the battery, resulting in unstable current, and its ring and surface shall not have burns. 124 heat dissipation holes are added in the interlayer of the board, and the principle of air convection is used to accelerate heat dissipation, so as to reduce charging during charging and protect the battery. With the development of science and technology like this, office workers use computers very frequently, and computers and the like are often used at work. However, many times when they are busy, they will ignore the information. So it is better to prepare a peripheral, and the mouse pad adopts a 45 degree elevation, which can make your information clearly visible, and the importance of filtering information without manual work, It can also give you a strong endurance of the emergency stop key safeguard stroke at any time. At present, the headphone interface and charging port are integrated, and many people who want to listen to songs need to switch interfaces. In other words, the loss of the interface still exists. In order to fully avoid this more direct damage, you can use wireless headphones to listen to music, equipped with a specially designed W1 chip to provide you with better connection and better sound quality, and enjoy the sound feast brought by music

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