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The mobile team is on the super battlefield. The new season of quantum special attack is in full swing

the mobile team is on the super battlefield. The new season of quantum special attack is in full swing

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original title: mobile team on the super battlefield "quantum special attack" the new season is in full swing

the "mobile team" season of the easy super tactical competitive mobile game "quantum special attack" CS4 has officially started. The mechanical God of war "Black Hawk", medical forces, special combat teams have all been launched, and the new deployment of assault armored vehicles, jet back armor and other individual equipment has brought new super tactical competitive experience to the rovers, adding 6 sets of accessories for a variety of mechanical experiments, such as various heat preservation systems, adhesives, flexible water-resistant putty and so on

dream of the island's "newcomers" report, medical treatment, assault, and mecha all arrived

"mobile team" parachuted into the field. The "newcomers" of the CS4 season of quantum special attack participated in the war, and medical soldiers, commandos, special combat teams, and mecha soldiers... The new shape rekindled the flames of War: the rovers wore "Black Hawk" series suits, just like wearing overlying mecha, like the arrival of the God of war; The "medical force" suit is new, with pure white clothes and Red Cross logo, making you a white angel who can save the dying and heal the wounded in the battlefield; The "snow camouflage" special combat suit is gray and white to confuse the enemy's ears and eyes, and is painted with the "special combat attack" Dragon Knight rifle, so that you can incarnate as a special force, work closely with your teammates, continue to advance, enter the finals and win the final victory

handsome "Black Hawk" armor

not only that, in the new season, the rovers can also have a new "single soldier suit" with stable performance full of sci-fi mechanical beauty: jet back armor like eagle wings, as well as shiny mechanical backpacks, combined with "Black Hawk" suit (2) the electromechanical temperature rises, making you like the God of war wings and more powerful

field medics who saved the lives and healed the wounded

entered the competition wearing camouflage snow special team

makeup. The CS4 season training together

quantum special attack "mobile team" made a full debut, and the rovers participated in CS4 season to hone their skills and improve their strength. They will compete for the qualification when the next elite invitational tournament opens. Under the new theme scene, the "mobile team" is assembled and waiting for the attack

powerful and domineering assault armored vehicle

with the help of a variety of experience cards, full reduction props, season task acceleration cards and so on, rovers can easily improve their pass level, incarnate as "Black Hawk", "medical soldier", "commando", and enter the competition on special combat skateboards; You can also drive a brand-new assault armored vehicle to gallop vertically and horizontally... Let you dress up for a new race, show new colors, and achieve new good results

stage promotion is smoother, and appearance rewards are taken home

in the "mobile team" season of quantum agent CS4, rovers can also enjoy multiple benefits of stage promotion - to complete the specified stage tasks, that is, there is a trendy and fashionable "cool" suit to start with, and during the stage activities of the season, airborne admission, winning the stage stars, and Hummingbird golden age painting rewards are sent

in addition, even if the rovers are eliminated in the competition, they can continue to watch their teammates and settle according to their final results. So you might as well act as the "eyes" behind your teammates and stand side by side with him to the end

the trendy "Coolpad" suit

the mobile team has assembled, and the new "arms" have arrived at dreamland, opening the new season of CS4 "quantum special attack". Lock in "quantum special attack" and enter together. If the consistency error between the eccentric distance of the connector under the lever and the length of the short arm of the lever is controlled within 12%, enter the new battlefield of super power tactical competition

about "quantum special attack":

Yi's new heavy "super tactical competition" mobile game "quantum special attack" is launched on the whole platform! Players incarnate as super agents, using "special actions + guns" to compete with 100 players. In this world, you can climb all buildings, mountains and trees and fly into the safe area! Bring your super skills into the arena, complement and match with your teammates, score efficiently, and play a new match and scene. Classic firearms and sci-fi heavy weapons, iceman? Add blood? Hard core and fresh gunfight fun. Create your unique style and leave an indelible memory to your opponent by pinching your face freely and matching your appearance. From reality to the future, land and water vehicles are dazzling. Burn, speed and passion

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