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Almost overnight, a malicious program software called XX artifact attacked millions of users across the country, and many users' messages, address books, bank payments and other information were stolen. The investigation found that the vulnerability of Android system platform management was exposed behind the super virus, which also sounded an alarm for the establishment of China's self-made mobile intelligent operating system

the link in the virus SMS starts with CDN and ends with APK. CDN is a content distribution network. Generally speaking, it is a resource management center. Many resources are uploaded here, and users can download them here. Apk is the installation package of Android system, so this virus will only affect Android

for a long time, intelligent operating terminal systems have been controlled by apple, Google and Microsoft. Due to the lack of autonomous intelligent terminal operating system, the user information of billions of intelligent terminals in China is under serious potential threat

if the operating system itself is not controllable, it is often ineffective to add information security products to the periphery of the computer for protection. The experts interviewed said that the occurrence of the super virus incident once again showed the urgency of building an independent intelligent terminal in China, but more penetrating into the operating system of sophisticated products

Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that China's intelligent terminal operating system has not formed a national will and lacks top-level design

Ni Guangnan said that at present, individual Chinese enterprises cannot undertake the task of developing intelligent terminal operating systems. Therefore, we should learn from the experience of industrial alliances such as Beidou and TD, give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, and strengthen independent innovation through the establishment of China intelligent terminal operating system industrial alliance, under the guidance of the central network security and Informatization Leading Group Office at the time of development, Integrate resources from all walks of life in China and make collaborative innovation

the alliance can absorb private capital and set up easy support for open source soft fatigue testing machine. The most important and frequent causes of sensor failure are the overload parts of experimental force and the industrial funds of open source software workers. The operation of the alliance can support and complement national science and technology projects, and better promote the industrialization of domestic intelligent terminal operating system. Ni Guangnan said

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