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Introduction to the function of the precise full container compression tester

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the precise full container compression tester is the most direct tester user-defined mode for testing the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. It is used to determine the compressive capacity of cartons and can be used for the test of pressure holding stacking. The test results can be used as an important reference for the height of finished packaging boxes stacked in factories or an important basis for designing packaging boxes. It can carry out tests in accordance with national or international standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, etc. it is an ideal testing and research equipment for factories, enterprises, technical supervision departments, commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other departments

design standards

tappi-t804, jis-20212, wood plastic composite new materials have great potential for environmental protection effects gb4857.3.4, astm-d642, qb/t1048, BS EN ISO 12048, GB different materials need different fixtures/t4857.16, gb/t8167, gb/t8168, gb/t4857.3, gb/t4857.4

technical parameters

allowable specimen weight: 2T, 5T

decomposition degree: 1/250000

accuracy: 0.5%

operation mode: full computer control, Touch screen display

force unit: kg, LB, n switchable

test space: 1300 1500 1500mm

compression speed standard: 10 3mm/min

report items: serial number, peak value, average value, set holding pressure value, memory

structure: computer operating system, Panasonic servo motor, imported ball screw, four sensor configuration

safety device: overload protection, overvoltage protection, Limit protection device if the vehicle weight decreases by 10%, set it to

overall size: (L w h) 2370 1500 2100mm

weight: about 850kg

power supply: 1 ∮, 220v/50hz

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