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Rim and other manufacturers compete with telecom operators for control of mobile payment

introduction: with the gradual evolution of intelligence and the function of e-wallet, rim and other manufacturers have launched a competition with telecom operators for control of mobile payment data. The focus of their competition is where to place mobile payment data in the new generation of intelligence

payment with was first shown at a technology exhibition in France last May. Then this application was widely developed and adopted, and triggered a war between manufacturers and telecom operators for payment related data. The focus of their competition is where to place the data related to the payment of 144million yuan in the new net profit of mobile expenses in the next generation of intelligence. At present, rim and other manufacturers plan to produce certificates that can store such data, which are called "credentials" in the jargon, so that users can check out at a flick in shopping places equipped with special electronic devices

rim can provide data management services, but the company has a dispute with Canadian communications companies Rogers communications, at t and T-Mobile USA over where to place such certificates. These telecom operators said they want to install encrypted certificates in SIM cards so that they can connect to mobile networks after activation. Since the SIM card can be easily retrieved and replaced, such a payment system does not need to rely on the type used

adopting the design of data collection system with a/d card and computer working in parallel can better solve the problem. Rim wants to install such a certificate in a safe area of blackberry, so that it can be bound. Do not point the instrument to anyone and exclude some telecom operators. According to sources, rim has approached the bank on this matter

in the face of this situation, the above telecom operators asked rim to stop this practice. Robin Dua, CEO of enstream LP, a Canadian mobile payment company, said, "telecom operators have been talking to rim in a gentle tone. But frankly, I think there will be some gunpowder in this matter."

with a view to reaching the practical level as soon as possible, there are relatively few similar disputes between telecom operators such as Verizon Wireless and manufacturers, because these companies use CDMA wireless technology and they do not use SIM cards. However, Verizon and other companies are switching to a new network technology called LTE, which requires the use of SIM cards

recently, some companies have expressed plans to establish mobile payment systems. Rim recently announced that it plans to add near field communication (NFC) chips to BlackBerry launched this year, and Google nexus s will also use NFC technology. In addition, apple is expected to use NFC technology in the new iPhone. In addition, these companies also plan to expand the experimental scope of the technology in the coming months. Telecom operators are also conducting similar experiments. At t, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA have established Isis, a mobile payment company. Sina Technology

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