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Abstract: This paper discusses the definition and basic connotation of green packaging, introduces the evaluation methods of green packaging, emphasizes the necessity of greening packaging materials, discusses the favorable conditions of greening plastic packaging materials, and points out some problems that should be paid attention to in the current greening of plastic packaging materials

key words: green packaging, cleaner production, recycling, degradable plastics

green packaging is the good wish of the broad masses of the people and has become one of the most commonly discussed topics in people's daily life. However, since there is no clear definition of green packaging so far, the concept of green packaging in many people's minds is still quite vague, such as so and so packaging is non-toxic to human body, which is green packaging; XX packaging has good adaptability to the environment and is green packaging; So and so packaging saves resources and is green packaging... Different people have different opinions, and different people have different opinions. Although all the above statements have some truth, they are all one-sided, so strictly speaking, they are all wrong. If we don't have a relatively unified and complete understanding of green packaging, it will be very disadvantageous to promote the work of green packaging. Therefore, on the basis of understanding and synthesizing the arguments of many experts and scholars, the author puts forward some of his own views on the issue of green packaging in this paper, hoping to play a role in attracting jade, Cause everyone to pay more attention to the work of green packaging and gradually reach a consensus on the issue of "green packaging"

I. what is green packaging

the preferable definition of green packaging should be: "packaging conducive to human sustainable development is green packaging"

1. Basic connotation of green packaging

according to the viewpoint of "conducive to human sustainable development", in addition to the general characteristics of packaging (protecting commodities, facilitating the storage and transportation of commodities, and promoting the sales of commodities), the ideal green packaging should have the following three basic conditions, namely, safety and health, environmental protection, and resource conservation

⑴ safety and health. Safety and hygiene here refers to the packaging materials used, which must not be toxic to humans and animals and meet the requirements of relevant health standards. Different commodities have different requirements for the safety and health performance of packaging materials. It is often of special significance for commodities such as food and drugs

⑵ environmental protection. Environmental protection refers to the adaptability of packaging to environmental protection, That is, the packaging materials and their production process must adapt to the needs of environmental protection (it is required that the packaging materials have good adaptability to environmental protection from the acquisition of raw materials to the production, processing, use and disposal of waste after use. The purpose of tensile anchorage fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment are good or bad, and do not harm the environment)

⑶ save resources. Saving resources mainly refers to saving materials and energy. Of course, from a deep level, there is also the problem of saving human resources

if we say that safety and health are essential to protect the health of contemporary people, then environmental protection and resource conservation are necessary measures to benefit the contemporary and future generations. Therefore, a package with these three basic conditions is green packaging. On the contrary, if it does not or does not fully meet the above three basic conditions, it cannot be called green packaging

2. The evaluation method of green packaging

take the three rulers of safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation as the standard, and apply the "life cycle analysis" method to analyze, which is an objective and scientific evaluation method of green packaging

the so-called "life cycle analysis" refers to the whole process (i.e. the whole "life cycle" of packaging) from the acquisition of raw materials of packaging materials to the production, processing, use and disposal of waste after use of packaging materials

only the packaging that meets the basic requirements of safety and health, environmental protection, resource conservation and other basic requirements at all stages of the whole "life cycle" is the green packaging we advocate; In the whole life cycle, at one or some stage, if it does not meet the requirements of green packaging, it cannot be called green packaging materials. Effective measures must be taken to eliminate the problems in the links that do not meet the requirements of green packaging, that is, to do a good job of 'greening' before it can be transformed into green packaging materials

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