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just more than a year ago, Motorola, based in Illinois, USA, announced that its upcoming new accessory products will be packaged in a way that will put its competitors in a passive state. These four new products belong to the Motorola original (TM) accessory product series. In order to promote these new products to the market, the company seeks a packaging solution that supports the mainstream status of the products, and also provides the maximum visibility of the products in the packaging

new packaging made a strong debut

agi/klearfold developed a new patent pending insight slider (TM) packaging, which meets the requirements of Motorola for "innovation" and "catering to high-level consumers". The design combines a printed, patterned plastic package with a folded, vacuum formed tray to produce a distinctive and visually attractive package. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing appearance, this insight slider package also provides advantages in product protection, while making the loading of products more convenient and cheaper

according to Mr. Keith o`connell, senior packaging engineer of Motorola Company, "the mobile accessory market is full of low-cost parts suppliers, and the competition is extremely fierce. Motorola has produced high-quality and high-priced products, and we believe that the packaging should reflect the brand and product image."

for its new series of wireless chargers, the company wants to reduce the production restrictions of aerospace composite materials, which can let customers see the packaging of accessories inside. At the same time, they are also looking for a form of packaging that can distinguish their products from the cheap products that are flooding the market. These cheap products are usually packaged in ordinary clamshell shaped or blister shaped packages, which contain printed pieces of paper to identify products

design features of the new packaging

agi/klerfold's insight slider packaging is unique and eye-catching, so it provides a real and distinctive visual experience for the product. Its main part is a printed plastic cover, which can be made into a variety of shapes - including round, oval, rectangular or square

motorola chose a cat's eye or pillow packaging shape for the original series of accessory products. In order to match the nonlinear shape of this package to reliably fix the product in position, another component (the length of the strain gauge is 150mm, and the accuracy is 0.1, which is provided by the customer) is a folded and vacuum formed tray. The tray slides into the plastic sleeve and is locked by a wing on the sleeve

this Motorola product package includes a 12 ‰ thick PVC cover, which is fixed with a 25 ‰ thick, vacuum formed PVC tray. In order to achieve an excellent graphic performance effect, agi/klerfold company used flexographic printing technology to print 10 colors on the front and rear panels of the cover - in addition to a transparent circular small window in the front and a small window in the back for the convenience of observing the products inside - and used ink with pearl luster and no production effect as that of large metal like enterprises

Agi/klerfold decorated the case at its Virginia manufacturing plant, using an economical UV flexo printer provided by Aquaflex. Aquaflex is a branch of F.L. Smithe Machine Co. Aquaflex's production equipment is a web flexo press, which has been modified to combine two rotary silk presses. The printing of Motorola packaging adopts the method of flexographic printing with 9 colors and silk printing with 1 color - all of which are done at one go. In order to achieve bold and silver effects on the front and back of the cover without bronzing, agi/klerfold uses a silver metallic flexo ink. This high-quality UV flexo printing process uses ink with pearl luster and metal effect to enhance the value of packaging. According to pat McGee, the marketing manager of agi/klearfold, there is no other hard plastic plate conversion operation in the world that can achieve such high-quality flexo and silk printing effects with only one trip

in order to maximize the flexibility of sales in most retail markets, this package is designed to stand upright on the shelf of the store, or it can also be used as part of the tray to hang the package with fins

according to Mr. McGee, one of the biggest challenges encountered in the process of applying pallets to the packaging of Motorola products is to meet the needs of the company - that is, to design two vacuum formed pallets that can accommodate four different accessories. "Each half of these two pallets is designed to store a product," he explained. "The product is inserted into the pallet, and the pallet slides into the sleeve, while keeping the front of the product forward. Since the product must face forward, the locking mechanism of two products in the sleeve must be designed on the left, and the locking mechanism of the other two products must be designed on the right." He added: "the realization of this design goal requires only two pallets for packaging four products, reducing Motorola's pallet inventory by 50%."

this innovative insight slider design not only distinguishes Motorola products from other products, but also provides advantages in protection performance. The vacuum formed tray is injection molded to conform to the shape of the accessory, hold the product firmly, and avoid wear and tear during the sale process. The locking performance of the packaging sleeve plays an important role in the protection of products. At the same time, it also reduces the possibility of products being damaged and stolen in the store, and ensures that the source label - which is pasted inside the sleeve during the packaging process and hidden behind the printed graphics - is placed together with the accessory products and packaging

although the easy opening feature of the package is often sacrificed to ensure the safety of the product, this is not the case for this Motorola slider package. There is an opening with a zipper on the back plate of the packaging case, which allows users to easily open the package after purchasing the product

new packaging simplifies the filling process

in the process of designing packaging for its new original series accessory products, another important standard of Motorola is to develop a packaging that can be filled effectively by hand and does not require additional investment in filling, forming and sealing equipment. O`connell explained, "the packaging currently used in the original product series is a standard clamshell packaging with a paper insert card. Its main disadvantage is that it requires a completely mechanical sealing. This packaging process requires special tools, which increases the packaging cost and prolongs the time for products to be put on the market."

this insight slider packaging well meets the requirements of Motorola Company, because it realizes simple and effective manual assembly, and its locking mechanism does not need to use high-cost sealing equipment to achieve

the design of this insight slider package enables it to carry out effective manual filling operations. Its outer package is tiled and sent to Motorola, while the pallet is sent nested together. The operator only needs to put the accessories into the vacuum formed tray, then fold the tray, and then slide the whole assembly into the package. When the tray filled with products gradually approaches its position in the packing case, the protruding wing on the packing case is always in the slot of the tray to fix the tray containing products in the position. All these operations only take a few seconds, and the locked tray can provide the required safety protection of the product without using the supporting sealing equipment

when discussing the relative cost of insight slider packaging and other alternative clamshell packaging, o`connell explained that the savings in packaging costs were achieved through the assembly of packaging. "The cost of materials is almost the same," he said, "but we can achieve cost savings at the end of the transformation process of new packaging. Because it requires fewer parts and does not need sealing equipment. The processing speed of this packaging line is much faster, and we have reduced the number of operators on the line."

agi/klear fold's distinctive oval "visual packaging" is made of polypropylene/polyester (pp/apet) materials and is used for the packaging of Procter Gamble's present Olay Regenerist Olay newborn skin care technology products

in 2004, agi/klearfold and Motorola won the Ameristar award from the Institute of packaging professionals with Motorola insight slider packaging.

source: packaging Expo

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