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QR code adds wings to the o2o model of e-commerce.

if you want to see a certain product online, you can make a decision after you have an offline experience. After the experience, you can directly scan the QR code offline, complete the transaction through mobile payment, and confirm the payment after receiving the goods. The whole process has both online transactions and traditional experience, and the whole process does not need cash operation...

with the change of market consumption concept, more and more people's consumption behavior has changed, What e-commerce brings to people is not only the convenience of purchasing physical goods, but also a change in the consumption ecology of waste plastic processing and recycling in recent years, and o2o is the trend or existence of this e-commerce ecological change

finding the most convenient and convenient consumption mode is the most basic starting point for more and more people to choose an e-commerce. In recent years, the group purchase mode has officially met the needs of consumers, and it has only developed to its current scale in a short period of more than two years. However, even such a popular group purchase mode has many complaints and problems in the development process

o2o's new mode of online and offline interconnection can avoid this problem to a large extent. Xianbei, a digital entity shopping guide Station, uses o2o mode to enhance the physical experience and effectively reduce the deviation of consumers from physical objects. Therefore, Taobao, Baidu and Tencent have been moving constantly recently, and are starting to make new moves on o2o, and QR code has helped this o2o model

in October this year, both Taobao and Baidu were preparing to enter the field of local life services and o2o, and coincidentally chose di1 to output these eight map search and LBS businesses as a breakthrough: Taobao launched map search locally on October 24, and Baidu also announced the split of Baidu map and the establishment of LBS Division. At this year's Internet Conference, Tencent Ma Huateng emphasized that new opportunities on mobile Internet directly revealed that QR code is the key entrance for Tencent to integrate online and offline businesses... Major Internet companies have entered the map search and o2o market, because there is enough development space in LBS and o2o fields

whether it is in response to the made in China 2025 Taobao map, Baidu's lbs, or Tencent's QR code integration business, it highlights the new model of o2o e-commerce as a whole, making the large Internet platform a real side service provider. "All major resource parties improve the basic data of the whole operation through their own resource integration. In the rubber industry and plastic industry, the development of intelligence and QR code can fully meet the hardware requirements. Third party payment platforms such as Alipay or TenPay also greatly safeguard the rights and interests of consumers in the final link of consumption. Therefore, QR code combined with the research of major e-commerce on the new model, o2o model is tantamount to adding wings to the tiger."

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