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Introduction to the relevant standards of packaged drinking water

the national food safety risk assessment center combed the relevant standards of packaged drinking water, and now the relevant information is introduced as follows:

I. The management of drinking water in China

drinking water includes domestic drinking water and packaged drinking water. Drinking water refers to the drinking water and domestic water for residents' life, which should comply with GB5749 hygienic standard for drinking water. The food safety law stipulates that the water used for food production and operation should meet the sanitary standards for drinking water

packaged drinking water refers to drinking water packaged in bottles and barrels, which is currently managed as food. Gb10789 general principles of beverages classifies packaged drinking water into six categories: drinking natural mineral water, drinking purified water, drinking natural spring water, other natural drinking water, drinking mineral water, and other packaged drinking water according to the characteristics of water sources and processing methods. Because the processing, transportation and storage of packaged drinking water are different from that of drinking water, the executive standard of packaged drinking water is different from that of drinking water

II. Packaged drinking water standards

at present, China has a situation in which food quality standards and food hygiene (safety) standards coexist. China's packaged drinking water standards are formulated before the promulgation and implementation of the food safety law, involving national standards, local standards, both food quality standards and food hygiene standards

(I) there are four national standards, namely:

GB8537 drinking natural mineral water, which stipulates the quality and hygienic requirements of drinking natural mineral water

gb17323 bottled purified drinking water stipulates the quality requirements of bottled purified drinking water

gb17324 "Hygienic standard for bottled (barrel) pure drinking water" stipulates that the hygienic requirements for bottled (barrel) pure drinking water with high-efficiency wall and roof insulation materials need to be fully implemented in civil and public buildings

gb19298 hygienic standard for bottled (barrel) drinking water stipulates the hygienic requirements for other packaged drinking water except bottled (barrel) drinking pure water

the health and safety requirements of the above national standards basically cover all packaged drinking water

(II) local standards

according to relevant laws and regulations, if there is no national standard or industrial standard, local standards can be formulated. All regions have formulated some local standards for packaged drinking water except natural mineral water and purified drinking water. For example, Zhejiang local standard bottled natural drinking water (db33/), Guangdong local standard bottled natural drinking water (db44/), Chongqing local food safety standard bottled (barrel) drinking natural spring water (DBS is our core competitiveness 1), Guangdong local food safety standard drinking natural spring water (dbs44/), etc

III. progress of standard cleaning up

in order to solve the problem of cross contradiction of food standards, according to the food safety law and the decision of the State Council on strengthening food safety, the national health and Family Planning Commission formulated and published the 12th Five Year Plan of national food safety standards and the work plan of food standard cleaning up, which is more important for the personal safety of operators, The standard cleanup has been fully launched. This work will clean up nearly 5000 edible agricultural product quality and safety standards, food hygiene standards, food quality standards and industry standards. It is planned to complete the cleaning task by the end of 2013 and complete the integration of current food standards by the end of 2015. The standard of packaged drinking water is also within the mechanism of clear foam particles, and the safety indicators in relevant standards will be further integrated. At present, the national food safety risk assessment center has opened a special column on food standard cleaning; The official Sina Weibo of food safety standards of the Secretariat of the national food safety standards review committee will also publish the information and progress of the cleaning up of food standards in a timely manner. All parties in the society are welcome to actively participate and offer suggestions

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