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Introduction to the functional characteristics of plastic sheet dehydrator

plastic sheet dehydrator is suitable for high-speed dehydration of various plastic particles, plastic sheets and other items. It is an innovation and improvement on the basis of the traditional plastic dehydrator. This plastic is a measure of the material solution. The sheet dehydrator has convenient feeding and fast dehydration speed. It is an ideal equipment for the dehydration and drying of various plastic sheets and plastic granules. Its functional features are as follows:

1. Plastic sheet dehydrators are made of high-quality materials, and can be selected from 304 stainless steel dehydrators and carbon steel economic dehydrators

2. The inner tank of the plastic sheet dehydrator adopts high-quality imported 304 stainless steel, which is not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion and has strong wear resistance. The mesh diameter of the plastic sheet dehydrator can be customized according to customer requirements

3. The plastic sheet dehydrator has high dehydration efficiency and can quickly dry the materials. 8. According to the actual needs, the moisture contained in the relevant corresponding points of the experimental results can be found on the stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves. The dehydration effect is good, and the output of the dehydrator can reach kg/h

4. The plastic sheet dehydrator is equipped with a motor overload and power supply interlock protection system to ensure the safe operation of the dehydrator

5. The plastic sheet dehydrator has humanized design and simple operation, which can be operated by one person alone and often replacing samples

6. The plastic also has the advantages of absorbing impact energy and improving safety. The sheet dehydrator adopts an all copper wire famous factory motor with a motor power of 5 KW, strong power, long service life; The speed of the main shaft of the dehydrator is R/min

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