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Browser 1.4 for iPhone officially released

with iPhone4 officially launched in Chinese Mainland, iPhone users are also increasing. The survey shows that one of the most commonly used functions of iPhone users is the upload function. In Chinese Mainland, the navigation bar function and WAP page browsing of the third-party browser are popular with iPhone users because the 3G network is not fully covered, as well as the charging standard and the assumption of mobile purchase. 1 it must be the development status of ball screw interconnection. Data shows that the share of third-party browsers in China has exceeded that of native browsers in the third quarter of 2010

in order to meet the convenience needs of iPhone users, Tencent released browser 1.3 for iPhone on September 6, 2010 on the basis of Browser 1.0. It innovatively introduced fair navigation bar, quick links, quick page flipping, multi window management, WAP and WWW page browsing, horizontal and vertical screen switching, night mode, integrated farm, ranch application, WiFi access and other functions, attracting a large number of iPhone users to download experience

however, browser 1.3 only supports uploading pictures to space and Tencent Weibo, and does not support file download and skin replacement functions. A month later, Tencent released browser 1.4 for iPhone again. Based on the original functions of browser 1.3, this version introduced emotional elements into the UI design, added four sets of exquisite skins combined with mood: eternal classic, green trail, coffee story, and streamer, and realized the shaking and switching skin function by using the gravity sensing function of IPH CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction project one

in addition, browser 1.4 for iPhone also has a powerful file download function. On the download management page, you can easily pause and start downloading items, and you can also easily manage downloaded files with smooth download speed. In addition to the rich download management, this version also supports the horizontal and vertical screen unlocking function. 1. Environmental problems are closer to iPhone users' habits

it is also understood that up to now, the browser has covered the seven platforms of Symbian V3, Symbian V5, iPhone, Android, MTK domestic machine, Java and blackberry, and has achieved a main business revenue of 1.46 billion yuan. Basically, the UI design has been unified, so that the browser has a stronger overall image and brand influence. DONEWS

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