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v-key Inc (v-key), a leading mobile security and encryption technology company, announced that ant financial services group, the parent company of Alipay, and its existing investor, venture capital firm TraHK venture capital, are not entirely the main driver. IPV capital is making a $12million round B investment in v-key to acquire its minority stake

v-key Inc, a leading mobile security and encryption technology company, announced that Alipay operator ant financial services group and its existing investor, venture capital firm IPV capital, are making a $12million round B investment in v-key to acquire its minority stake

v-os multi-layer security component technology invented by v-key can provide more indestructible security protection for mobile solutions, while simplifying mobile identity authentication, data and e-commerce transactions. Since the launch of the product, the company has won many awards, won the appreciation of many manufacturers in the global financial payment field and reached strategic cooperation with them

v-key's pioneering v-os and v-guard solutions coincide with ant financial's interests The security component technology of v-key will provide the necessary convenience and stronger security protection for Alipay, Alipay wallet, yu'e Bao, zhaocaibao, ant micro loan and commercial banks in preparation to enter the global financial services market. According to the total payment amount, Alipay is currently the largest third-party payment service provider in China. Alipay handles more than 80 million transactions every day, of which 45 million are completed through mobile payment

Jason Zhu, head of Alipay investment team, said: v-key's integrated virtual security component technology coincides with Alipay's commitment to creating a safer and more convenient global trading environment. With the increasing number of global mobile payment transactions, in addition to ease of use and convenience, mobile identity authentication and data protection on various mobile devices and operating systems remain the top priority

v-key v-os technology is currently applied to millions of devices around the world. This round B financing will be used for the global expansion and further development of v-key to enhance its security component technology products. At present, v-key has offices in the United States and Singapore V-key and ant financial will work together to provide security technology for companies that need a high level of protection

Benjamin MAH, co-founder and CEO of v-key, said: we are very happy to be a member of Jinan gold testing instrument and equipment and measuring tools microcomputer screen hydraulic universal material testing machine and vernier caliper of ant financial investment portfolio. At the same time, we are also happy to provide security technology to its member companies, support mobile identity authentication and ensure transaction security. Alipay is one of the most active platforms in today's payment market. We thank ant financial and Yingfu tech for their confidence in our solutions and strategic direction. This investment will enable v-key to accelerate the implementation of important strategic plans and consolidate our position as the leader of mobile virtual security components

introduction to ant financial services group

ant financial services group was officially established in October 2014, focusing on serving small and micro enterprises and ordinary consumers. Based on the idea and technology of Internet, ant financial is committed to creating an open ecosystem, working with financial institutions to provide support for the finance of the future society and realize the vision of making credit equal to wealth. The businesses of ant financial services group include Alipay, Alipay wallet, yu'e Bao, zhaocaibao, ant micro loan, commercial bank (Preparatory), etc

introduction to TraHK

TraHK is an early growth venture capital fund, which is committed to investing in software and cleaning. The time from the ambient temperature to the nominal minimum temperature is generally 90 ~ 120min. Technology, technical services, semiconductors and other fast-growing technology industries. Yingfu tech has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley. The company makes full use of its rich management and technology development experience to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs who are not only looking for low prices but also looking at the world. Yingfu Tech's team has made good achievements in successfully supporting domestic and foreign science and technology start-ups, and is an ideal partner for investment in China

v-key Inc introduction

v-key is a mobile security and encryption technology supplier. Its v-os virtual security components, which are first developed, are applying for patents, which can bring secure and convenient mobile identity authentication, data and transactions. With its v-os and v-guard series products, v-key focuses on applications rather than devices, ensuring the security of data, mobile transactions and applications. V-key constantly finds and studies the latest mobile threats in the rapidly developing field of mobile applications and technologies, providing advanced and stronger protection for users. V-key has offices in Singapore and the United States

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