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China Mobile bid farewell to the era of password for opening "unified authentication capability" mobile terminals. One number, one key login to all apps, no account, no password. In the era of mobile Internet, the convenience and convenience of products have become the first demand of users, and the subtraction principle has become the same pursuit of many applications, even on the small link of registration and login

recently, China Mobile has opened unified authentication capabilities to third parties. Users who enter the app to enjoy the service do not need to go through complicated processes such as registration, filling in information, login, inputting password, inputting verification code, SMS confirmation, etc. they can log in directly through the user's local number to achieve all this. App developers only need to embed the China Mobile unified authentication capability SDK in the app background

what is the unified authentication capability?

unified authentication capability refers to the access of common security devices including limit devices and emergency stop devices (which is consistent with the electronic universal experimental machine) of multiple terminals, such as China Mobile and pass unified account system, where users can freely log in to all mobile services with a single authentication number, and support PC and mobile applications; China Mobile Internet unified authentication provides external trust login and user authorization services by providing authentication SDK and user information data open interface

with the help of the huge user base, the unique SIM card resources, the integration of high-quality capabilities, and the interconnection of China Mobile's own business No. 1, third-party partners can quickly access with the minimum cost, realize the interconnection with China Mobile's Internet business account number, share China Mobile's user resources, rapidly expand the scale of active users, stimulate business development, and realize the integration of services between them, Provide users with one-stop services

what is the value of unified authentication capability

for app developers, the value of China Mobile unified authentication capability mainly includes the following two points:

first, silent login and one click login functions. Silent login, that is, China Mobile and passport users do not need to register. They can complete the login by directly starting the app, and the user is unaware of it; One click login, that is, the user can choose the local number to log in and log in with one click

for users, this function will effectively reduce the threshold for them to log in and use app services, reduce the complex links of registering and logging in app for many times, and make it easy to use; For third-party partners, the unified authentication capability helps them optimize the product user experience and improve user retention

second, integrate the advantageous capabilities of mobile, such as billing and counting. On the contrary, the unified authentication capability results are deeply integrated with the advantageous capabilities of China Mobile, which can support China Mobile and passport users to purchase app value-added services or physical products directly through phone payment, and provide built-in data analysis services

for apps with charging services such as games, e-commerce and video, billing capability will be an attraction. The existing payment means such as bank and payment intermediary are the threshold for users, both in terms of payment process and account security. In order to ensure security during payment, multiple authentication is inevitable, and if the account involves a large number of assets, users are also relatively cautious when using it. On the one hand, small payment of telephone charges is convenient and fast, on the other hand, it does not involve a large number of personal assets, and users are more willing to try

in addition, according to the needs of third-party partners, China Mobile can also provide data resources such as user number and status, user number bill, traffic, package information, user social relations, and provide promotion channel resources such as SMS, MMS, message push, and China Mobile Internet services

how to obtain unified authentication capability

third party developers can obtain unified authentication capability of China Mobile in the following three steps:

first, log in to the China Mobile developer community under such a current situation, register the platform personal or enterprise account and log in (the password requires both numbers, letters and symbols when registering, so as to ensure the security of the developer's account)

second, apply for appid, appkey, application ability. Developers who need to integrate billing, counting and other capabilities only need to check the options of billing, counting and other capabilities on the page of applying for capabilities, and the system will automatically package multiple capabilities into an SDK

third, download the SDK package and integrate and embed it according to the development guide

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