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The "virtual hot" mobile social application market is difficult to break through the profit dilemma

the mobile social application market has entered the "virtual hot" stage. Although the rise of emerging forces such as microblogging and street side may bring mobile social applications into a new stage, the full outbreak of the mobile social application market will take time. This is the main point of the "2010 China Mobile Internet Investment Research Report" released by Zero2IPO research center on the 24th

analyzing the reasons behind the "virtual hot" phenomenon, Zero2IPO research believes that the unclear positioning of mobile social applications and the restriction of platform development to "portal" applications are an important factor. At present, some mobile social applications in China have abandoned the original social networking function. In order to establish a business model, many applications have been assembled, such as games, wireless music, reading, etc. these problems are replaced by new hydraulic oil. As a result, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. It is planned to realize the double profits of value-added business and advertising through the platform development path. However, facts have proved that this path is seriously constrained by the platform development of "portal" applications that have long been moving forward, such as browsers

at the same time, the difficulty of business model to break through the profit dilemma also restricts the development of mobile social applications in China. Zero2IPO's research report points out that the current business model of China's mobile social applications is to make two-way profits through value-added services and advertising. This business model is hampered by the limited number of audience groups and insufficient cognition

according to the data of Zero2IPO Research Center, the investment events in the mobile social application market are mainly concentrated in the past two years. Three investment cases have been disclosed, of which two have been disclosed, with a total investment of $2.66 million and an average investment of $1.33 million. On the whole, the proposal of this project is Professor Ahmed elmarakbi. In emerging markets, although a few companies have received investment, due to the limited scalability of such applications at present, the capital side is cautious about investment in such markets. It is expected that in the short term, vc/pe will pay more attention to mobile social applications with the function of "social + positioning + entertainment". Shanghai Securities News

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