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Curiosity technology mobile platform settled in Zibo Administration for Industry and Commerce

in 2017, curiosity technology mobile platform settled in Zibo Administration for Industry and commerce. By using curiosity technology mobile platform, it not only improved the professional service level and efficiency of Zibo Administration for Industry and commerce, but also accelerated the realization of the overall planning and vision of high-level management system work. When pouring concrete, leave holes for anchoring anchor screws and pipes for installing circuits and sensors

Zibo Administration for Industry and commerce is the functional organization of Zibo Municipal government, which is in charge of the supervision and administration and administrative law enforcement after the completion of Xinda 3D printing consumables intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory and 3D printing exhibition experience cloud factory project, another key project of the city. Implement the laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies of the central, provincial and municipal governments on the administration of industry and commerce. Study and formulate local industrial and commercial administrative regulations, rules and normative documents of Zibo City in combination with local conditions. Organize, guide and coordinate the law enforcement of the city's industrial and commercial administration. In charge of the registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and public institutions, social organizations and individual citizens engaged in production and business activities in Zibo, issue relevant certificates and licenses, and confirm their enterprise legal person status or legal business status according to law. Supervise and inspect the registration behavior of the registration unit according to law. Verify the name of the registration unit according to law

curiosity technology has configured the mobile platform of Zibo Administration for Industry and commerce with modules such as portal management, workflow, schedule planning, work log, address book, system management, personality settings, etc. So as to achieve collaborative office

personnel collaboration

break the restrictions of departments, positions and levels, take projects and affairs as the core, and realize barrier free communication and collaboration among team members

data collaboration

not only realize the data integration within the collaboration software, but also realize the data integration between the collaboration software and other business systems, eliminating information islands

process collaboration

integrate, standardize and simplify office processes, realize the integration of office processes among multiple systems, reduce repetitive work, and provide work efficiency and accuracy

resource collaboration

let team members with successful business experience in Shanxi Aluminum Plant share and obtain valuable knowledge and experience and other resources anytime and anywhere, so as to realize the accumulation, inheritance and development of knowledge management

curious technology mobile office OA implements advanced management concepts and office methods. With workflow as the engine, knowledge, communication, tasks within the same functional scope, information, and portal as the carrier, it changes the complex and inefficient manual work methods in the past, so that employees can communicate and collaborate smoothly at any time and anywhere, so as to achieve cross region, cross organization, cross system, and full mobile collaborative office

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