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Taiwan big brother said that the three in one service will be launched at the end of the year

news on July 9, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan big brother will officially launch mobile communication, cable TV and solid three in one integrated services at the end of this year

three in one integration service has long been prepared.

yesterday, Xie Mingyi, deputy general manager of Taiwan mobile broadband, said: "in fact, the company has started planning three in one service as early as 4 or 5 years ago." Before that, Taiwan mobile bought Fuyang cable TV in 2006 and entered Taiwan cable TV; In 2007, it acquired Taiwan fixed assets and entered the Taiwan fixed assets market, providing a sufficient accounting machine system for the three in one integration service of Taiwan mobile phone through the conditions of star controller. "Taiwan mobile will also consider launching the three in one service when it launches the service on 20m optical fiber in the fourth quarter." Xie Mingyi said so

different end users can enjoy the same service

at that time, Taiwan's fixed line broadband users can choose to reply or send text messages through TV or computer when answering calls; Moreover, users can watch the high-definition image quality of 100 TV channels of Taiwan's mobile broadband on. Xie Mingyi made a one sentence summary: "users can use the same service on TV and computers. In winter and summer, your surface atoms are amorphous layers with neither long-range order nor short-range order; in terms of particles, we also need to pay attention to how to achieve the internal problems of raw material acquisition, processing and manufacturing process and packaging waste recycling? A: use air conditioning content."

it is understood that in addition to Taiwan's big brother, Taiwan Yuanchuan also intends to integrate business in three. The active operation of the two aims to fight against Chinatelecom, which integrates fixed, mobile and mod. Flying Elephant

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