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What is the long-term development of the mobile power sharing charging industry or subverted by new technologies

mobile power sharing charging has become a hot spot in the industry since this year. It has been chased by more than 20 domestic and foreign capital giants such as Jinshajiang venture capital, IDG, Sequoia Capital, and more than 10 shared charging enterprises such as Jiedian, Diandian, and Xiaodian have raised more than 1 billion yuan in just 10 days. While being favored by capital, shared power bank has also been questioned by all walks of life. However, in the public opinion environment that has been looked down on all the way, industries such as shared power bank nut), inclined plane, eccentric wheel and lever seem to be rising rapidly

according to the data of relevant institutions, the annual shipment of mobile power at home and abroad has reached more than 1.5 billion. Mobile power seems to be a typical small charging business. However, with a large number of capital entering the sharing economy market, the scale continues to expand. The explosion of mobile power sharing charging bank has also greatly promoted the surrounding manufacturing industry. In the whole power supply market and fast charging market, under the vent of shared charging, market shipments are also surging

what does the long-term development of shared power bank depend on

Xiaodian technology, established in December last year, did not expect to become one of the giants in the shared charging industry so soon. At the beginning of this year, Xiaodian technology received an investment of 450million yuan in one month. Investors with a luxurious lineup include Jinshajiang venture capital, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, etc., which attracted the attention of the industry

with the help of capital, small power sharing power bank can quickly spread to the market. At the China shared charging Industry Summit Forum and the China mobile power industry group standard expert finalization meeting, Fang Shulong, the hardware director of Xiaodian technology, said that previously, the production capacity of Xiaodian technology was far from meeting the current demand. At present, Xiaodian, in cooperation with Foxconn and BYD, is in mass production. Our current shared charging bank has occupied 33 core cities across the country

founded in 2014, caller technology has always claimed to be the founder of the entire shared power bank industry. At the beginning of this year, caller technology has also received $20million in a-round financing. Huang Yun, chief operating officer of call technology, said that in April 2015, our first shared charging machine was officially unveiled in Shenzhen. As of last month, we have provided shared charging treasure services for 150 cities. We have multiple series of products, but not all businesses will support it

it is expected to drive the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields. Now, manufacturers in the shared power bank industry have emerged. Driven by capital, the market competition is fierce, and enterprises are trying to expand their coverage, and the market pattern is unstable. Preconceived is not necessarily the last to win, even if the manufacturer of shared power bank signs an exclusive agreement with the merchant. Because in the long run, the formation of the shared power bank market is really related to industry standards, product quality, brand effect and user friendliness, which is the key to the explosion and real volume of the shared power bank market standing at the tuyere

Tang Ruijin, President of Shenzhen Mobile Communication Association/Secretary General of mobile power industry alliance, believes that both the Ministry of industry and information technology and the American Consumer Electronics Standards Association pay great attention to the shared power bank industry, but the development of the shared power bank industry should focus on quality, safety and standards. Once the shared power bank industry has recognized quality, safety signs, and industry standards, users' acceptance will be better. However, the current industry standards are still vacant

can wireless charging overturn shared charging

looking at the current situation of shared power bank, giant capital has laid out various shared power bank projects. As the enclosure of capital has come to an end, the next focus will be on how to seize the market, seize the opportunity and do a good job in technology upgrading

for this industry, there are still first mover advantages. After the capital landing, in order to get better product coverage density and user experience, shared charging manufacturers need to layout in urban expansion and technology research and development

however, for the shared power bank industry, its biggest competitor may not be peers, but the upgrading of technology. There are also many voices in the market that the shared power bank is only a transitional product. With the launch of iphone8 wireless charging function, in the future, the mobile wireless charging on the basis of different fixtures will replace the shared power bank

Fang Shulong, hardware director of Xiaodian technology, said that when iphone9 was launched in the second half of next year, all plugs were removed, and there would be no plugs. There was only a small receiver in the area of information transmission and writing equipment operating procedures and original experimental records. The launch of iphone8 this year is rumored to be equipped with wireless charging

"we try our best to meet the new technology in this way, and there is really no way to ignore the existence of wireless charging, but we can better combine the latest technology to solve the problem of no electricity for users." Huang Yun said that we think it is possible to apply wireless charging in small scenes this year. For example, coffee shops can directly provide wireless charging. This product is possible. In fact, there are two ways of wireless charging. IPhone doesn't know which mode it adopts. In our next generation products, we will also support wireless charging

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