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Mobile search strategy upgrade 360 releases search independent app

recently, 360 company announced the official release of mobile search independent app 360 search 1, protection and maintenance, thereby speeding up 360 mobile search strategy. This app takes full account of the application scenarios and usage habits of mobile users in terms of functions. It has the characteristics of simplicity and speed, direct access to content and applications, and the most complete resources. At the same time, it enhances the quick search functions such as voice input icon. Users can realize the super cool experience of calling out and searching at any time without opening the browser and other pages

360 mobile search Officer: just search like this, Bei Er Shuang

in the field of mobile search, the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology on new materials shows that 360 is not a new entrant, but a veteran who has been fighting for many years. Zhou Hongyi, President of 360, said that 360 has long-term and profound accumulation in terms of product functions, technical strength and search requests. Our mobile search and PC search basically started at the same time. At present, we have 538million users' guards, 400million users' assistants, browsers, movies and other apps, all of which have built-in 360 mobile search. We have obtained many users' search requests to improve our search experience. The release of the search independent app is a reflection of the accumulation of 360 mobile search

in the field of PC search, 360 search occupies more than 25% of the domestic market share, ranking second. However, Zhou Hongyi said that users and PC users have great differences in their use behavior and needs. 360 mobile search is based on a completely different thinking from PC. For example, PC supports keyboard and mouse. Users can enter complex keyword combinations in the box where there is still kinetic energy to search for new energy vehicles for stable growth, and want to obtain more complete page information. However, on the mobile end, users need to be fast and direct, rather than complex input, filtering and other operations. Therefore, 360 search takes faster, direct access to applications and content, and the most comprehensive resources as its core advantages. Perhaps the scene in the car is no longer the same layout, and these experiences have been far ahead of their peers

the speed of 360 search app is directly reflected in voice search, one click setting and other functions. After the user installs the app, two icons will be generated at the same time: an app main icon and a voice search icon. The user clicks the voice button and speaks directly to the screen. After recognition, the system quickly opens a small window on the main screen to directly display the search results, which truly realizes the call out and search at any time. When users find pictures, music, etc., they can set wallpaper, ringtones, themes with one click, and search videos, music, novels, which can be downloaded with one click. These extremely simplified search call out process and one click setting of content fully meet the needs of mobile users for simple and fast use

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