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The unique natural texture, texture and color of wood flooring cater to people's psychology of returning to nature. In recent years, it has been favored by more and more fashionable consumers, and its consumption grade and quantity have increased rapidly. At the same time, good and bad wood flooring products and poor market consumption orientation make consumers inevitably fall prey to the following misunderstandings when buying. What are the specific misunderstandings? Let's have a look

first, one-sided pursuit of precious

most of the common solid wood flooring on the market are marked as precious tree species, and the most is probably cherry wood. So many cherry wood floors suddenly appeared in the market, which was also called " Import " Products. In fact, these so-called "e; Red cherry "e& quot; White cherry " Most of them are fake birch and white birch. There are also individual production enterprises and dealers who arbitrarily change the standard trade name of wood and apply similar wood to mislead consumers. For example, some "e; Mahogany "e& quot; Teak sandalwood "e& quot; Golden silk wood " In fact, it was only made by Southeast Asian miscellaneous wood after dyeing, sanding, puttying, painting, beautifying and packaging. In addition, many imported timbers are given the reputation of being very irregular in order to raise their value, such as "e; Gold does not change "& quot; Golden wood "e& quot; Rich and valuable wood " Etc

tips: many businesses actually know the correct tree species name of wood, but only take counterfeiting and disorderly reputation as a means of promotion. Therefore, consumers must be careful when purchasing solid wood flooring, ask for clear wood species, carefully identify them, and indicate them on the invoice, so that disputes in the future can be used as vouchers

second, one-sided pursuit of large specifications

due to the wrong market consumption orientation, in the past two years, many consumers have begun to pursue large specifications, color difference free and defect free wood flooring, which has led to a distorted development trend in the current wood flooring market. Some manufacturers do not pay attention to science and blindly cater to the trend. The solid wood floor produced is long, wide and thick, and looks magnificent on the surface. However, even if the processing quality barely meets the standard, it is impossible not to have problems in the process of use, and it is difficult to remedy the problems. Because it is located in the dry climate in the north, the wood is too thick and long, its internal and external tension is different, and its wet expansion and drying shrinkage capacity is also very different, so it is easy to deform. At the same time, large-scale products should be processed with good materials, which is bound to increase production costs and is detrimental to the protection of forest resources

tips: consumers should not pursue specifications and color differences too much. Oversized specifications are bound to affect the quality of pavement, and it is impossible for wood floors to have absolutely no color differences. Having a certain color difference and texture does not affect the use, but increases the sense of nature. In addition, according to national regulations, all wood used to make wooden floors must be dried to make the internal moisture content of wood reach 8%-13%, so that its deformation can reach the lowest value as far as possible, and it is not up to the standard if it is too dry or too wet

third, one-sided pursuit of horizontality

some consumers believe that the best way to pave wooden floors is to use the wooden dragon bone method, that is, install wooden keels on the ground, pave Blockboard (also known as big core board) or particleboard on it, and then install wooden floors. It seems that in doing so, the wooden floor is paved on a really horizontal surface to ensure that everything is safe, but the problem is more on these plates. Because these plates are made and glued manually, how can their durability be compared with high-grade and high-quality wood floors? Such a paving method is easy to cause the consequences of the wood keel under the wood floor, which is complete, but has rotted and fallen off, and the foundation has been damaged

tips: it's better to remove one floor in this way, which is both economical and practical, and will not take up too much space height. Even if you want to make laminates, you must choose high-quality Blockboard from well-known manufacturers, and never use particleboard




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