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Although the bathroom is small, it can also exude charming temperament after being decorated with clever lights. Next, we will analyze layer by layer and summarize a set of practical lighting collocation method in the bathroom, so that romance and warmth can be filled with the corners of the home.

although the bathroom is small, it can also exude charming temperament after being decorated with clever lighting. Next, we will analyze layer by layer and summarize a set of practical lighting collocation method in the bathroom, so that romance and warmth can be filled with the corners of the home

Qi Dan lighting, Rex lighting

the lighting design of the bathroom consists of two parts, one is the body cleaning space part, and the other is the face finishing part

the clean space includes shower space, bathtub, toilet, etc., which is dominated by soft light. The brightness requirement is not high, as long as the light is uniform. The light source itself should also have waterproof function, heat dissipation function and structure that is not easy to accumulate water. Generally, the light source is designed on the ceiling and wall. Generally, a light source equivalent to 60W should be used for lighting in a space of 5 square meters. The position of the lamp should be in the front and upper part of the toilet, no matter the user is standing or sitting, it is good not to be obscured

the second part is the face finishing part. Due to the requirements of makeup function, there are high requirements for the color rendering index of light sources. Generally, they can only be incandescent lamps or high-end light sources with good color rendering performance. The requirements for contrast and light angle are also high, preferably on both sides of the vanity mirror, followed by the top. Generally, it is also equivalent to the brightness of incandescent lamps above 60W. The toilet with high-grade decoration should also have some background light sources, which can be placed in the mirror cabinet and some floors to increase the atmosphere. The light source under the floor should pay attention to the waterproof requirements

if the bathroom is relatively small, only lamps and lanterns can be set beside the mirror. If the area is large, ceiling lamps or wall lamps should also be used. In the selection of bathroom lamps, glass or plastic sealed lamps with reliable waterproof and safety shall be the main ones. The installation should not be too much and the position should not be too low to avoid cumbersome or accidents such as splashing and collision

at the same time, the bathroom is wet, so you should be extra careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches should preferably be equipped with safety protection functions, and connectors and pins should not be exposed. If the switch is a seesaw type, it should be set outside the toilet door. Otherwise, a moisture-proof and waterproof panel or a pull switch operated by an insulating rope should be used to prevent accidents caused by moisture and electric leakage

there are many options for local lighting

in the selection of lamp types, incandescent lamps should generally be selected as a whole, and it is enough to adjust to a soft brightness, because the illuminators in the bathroom are frequently switched on and off, choosing incandescent lamps as the light source is more power-saving, and people's faces, except in natural light, appear beautiful in slightly yellowish light

an independent lamp must be set beside the vanity mirror as a supplement to the local light. This “ Mirror Decal yellow ” Fluorescent lamps can be selected for lighting to increase the feeling of spaciousness and freshness, and it is easy to find minor defects in makeup. Now, some people feel that looking at the mirror under the snow-white light is easy to appear pale, so they like to set a circle of yellow spotlights around the mirror, which is quite like the posture of the dressing table during the performance, but the waterproof of the spotlights is slightly poor, which is suitable for the bathroom space with dry and wet separation

in addition, most bathrooms use low color and high brightness color combinations to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere. The use of colors is dominated by bathroom facilities, and the colors of walls and floors are consistent, so that the whole bathroom has a sense of harmony and unity. Therefore, the overall lighting of the bathroom need not be too sufficient, that is, hazy, as long as there are a few key points to emphasize

in addition, there is another light that can make the finishing point for creating a hazy and romantic bathing atmosphere. One is called “ Bath column ” Or “ Bath board ” Electronic temperature control shower device is being favored by more and more people. This electronic temperature control bath column adopts an electronic control board, which is a sprinkler with multiple sprinkler heads. It can not only display, adjust and control the water temperature, but also adjust the water flow form without occupying a place. Equipped with a glass bath door, the small space pull shower curtain is also good. From the perspective of structural configuration, most bath columns are equipped with soft lights near the top nozzle, and there is no need to sub install lighting lamps in the shower area. Even if the shower curtain covers the lights of some bathrooms, the daylighting of Bathing will not be affected

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