Top ten most neglected places of decoration

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One of the ten most neglected problems in decoration is that the size of the indoor door does not leave a gap.

old style houses are generally equipped with anti-theft and entry doors. During decoration, it is easy to cause insufficient gap between the floor and the door, and can't put thick and beautiful floor mats

the designer cracked: before decoration, when measuring the size of the door, we must fully consider the thickness of the floor, floor tiles, floor mats, etc., and leave extra joints in advance. If there is a similar problem afterwards, you can change a thin mat; Or dig a piece of floor according to the size of the floor mat, seal the edge, and then put the floor mat in

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fault 2: the reserved sockets are not enough

nowadays, there are more and more types of household appliances. At the beginning, several more sockets were installed according to the need, but now they are not enough, and the hidden lines used in the decoration cannot be changed. Moreover, when designing the TV background wall, there is no reserved wall mounted TV, audio and other power sockets, and the family can only lead open lines, which not only affects the beauty, but also brings inconvenience to cleaning

the designer cracked: when decorating, consider the number of electrical appliances that need to be added in the future, install more sockets as much as possible to prevent sockets from falling behind the development of electrical appliances. If you use LCD TV at home, you'd better reserve the position of wall mounted power socket; If it is not installed, you can wrap some fake flowers on the open line, which can also play a decorative effect

fault 3: the ceiling keel can't bear the chandelier

when setting the ceiling keel, it didn't consider installing heavy lighting such as crystal lamps in the future, but it was very simple. Finally, when installing the lamp, it was found that the ceiling simply couldn't bear the weight of the lamp

designer crack: either change a lighting that the ceiling keel can withstand, or install a resin lamp similar to a crystal lamp. If you must install crystal lights, you can dig the ceiling a little, put expansion bolts on the original top, then hook, and finally hang lamps

problem 4: insufficient storage space

it is difficult to arrange enough storage space in the small kitchen, but the kitchen has the most sundries. What about those headache pots and pans that have nowhere to hide? Stacking them horizontally on the stove is neither beautiful nor convenient

designer crack: the kitchen must be convenient and practical, and the small kitchen should arrange the space well. If the ground cabinet and hanging cabinet are not enough, you can buy some suitable metal kitchen shelves or brackets to install on the wall, and store the microwave ovens, rice cookers, etc. on the wall. The shelves with hooks can also hang all kinds of soup spoons, knives and other sundries

problem 5: didn't leave a good place for the refrigerator

when decorating the kitchen, I left a place casually without considering the size of the refrigerator. Later, when I bought the refrigerator, it was either the size was inappropriate or I was dissatisfied with the appearance

designer crack: when the cabinet designer comes to the door to measure the size, he must provide him with the exact size of various kitchen appliances, and also fix their placement according to his living habits, and then design the cabinet size. If the kitchen is not far from the restaurant, the refrigerator can be placed in the restaurant; If you are far away, you can only buy a refrigerator of appropriate size

problem 6: the water heater is exposed

the water heater is large. If it is exposed outside during decoration, it will not only occupy space, but also affect the beauty and inconvenient to take care of its complicated pipelines

designer crack: you can customize a cabinet with a shutter door to wrap the water heater, which is not only beautiful, but also dust-proof and heat dissipation. The shutter door cabinet can be customized with the same style as the cabinet, and the overall effect is better

problem 7: the wardrobe space is only in front of the eyes

for the house type with only two bedrooms, most people only make the overcoat cabinet in two bedrooms, instead of trying to "squeeze" out a separate space as a utility room. In the future, with the increase of clothes, these two cabinets must be far from enough. In summer, we have to squeeze the cabinets desperately

designer crack: in the design stage, the storage function of small houses should be fully considered in the future. At present, it is very popular to design an overall cloakroom or storage room in a limited space to meet future needs

problem 8: the ceiling lamp is not designed with double control

the switch of the bedroom ceiling lamp is only set at the entrance, and there is no double control switch at the head of the bed. In this way, after leaning on the bed to watch TV or books at night, you have to get out of bed and turn off the light before going to bed in the dark. In winter, it is even more annoying, shivering with cold, and you have to get up and turn off the light

designer crack: if you have this special need, you can communicate with the master worker in the electrician stage of decoration, and you can use a dual connection and dual control circuit. If there is no dual control circuit, the effect can also be achieved by purchasing remote-controlled lamps in the lighting city

problem 9: the floor drain drainage is not enough

this problem generally has two situations: one is that the floor drain outlet is not the lowest point, and the other is that the number of floor drains is not enough. In this way, it is not only easy to cause the trouble of "flooding the Golden Mountain" when taking a bath, but also the washing machine may not be able to use

designer crack: for the lowest point problem, we must remember to detect the drainage when checking the bathroom decoration, otherwise, it will not only affect the mood of bathing, but also cause water leakage in serious cases, which will harm the downstairs neighbors. For the trouble that the number of floor drains is not enough to use the washing machine, it is OK to install a floor drain with both washing water and drainage. Floor drains are usually installed at the lower part of the washbasin, the shower area, the washing machine and the toilet

problem 10: the height of the waterproof layer in the shower room is unreasonable

when some families are decorated, they want to put the waterproof layer in the shower area on top in order to be waterproof. Some families ignore the waterproof problem and do it not high enough, leaving a hidden danger of water seepage

the waterproof of the toilet can not be ignored. It must be done in place, but generally 30 cm high is enough. If it is done too high, it will lead to hollowing of the wall and poor sticking of tiles. Moreover, the ceramic tile itself also has a certain waterproof effect, so there is no need to overcorrect





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