Beijing affordable housing will be fully decorated

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Wang Lu

yesterday, it was learned from the Standards Office of the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission that Beijing's first local standard, the code for the design of residential full decoration, has been prepared and will be open for comments in the near future

according to the future “ Full decoration ” According to the design concept of, residential architectural design and interior decoration design are carried out simultaneously. Architects have to consider decoration when designing interior space functions, so as to reduce secondary demolition and renovation and secondary decoration. The reporter learned that among the houses built in the city, less than 20% of the houses are decorated at one time, and the remaining 80% are based on “ Blank room ” The owner of the house must at least decorate himself or entrust the decoration company to a certain extent before he can move in. The relevant person in charge of the Standards Office of the Municipal Planning Commission told reporters that in the past, due to the non synchronization of residential construction design and decoration design, secondary demolition and renovation and secondary decoration often occurred, causing a lot of waste and causing trouble to buyers. The preparation of the code for the design of residential full decoration can promote the completion of residential decoration in one step, integrate all links in the industrial chain related to residential design and decoration, and solve some problems in advance

this specification is not only applicable to new ordinary residential buildings in cities and towns, but also has reference significance for citizens who are decorating their houses. For example, the specification mentions “ Bedrooms heated by non low temperature radiant floors generally use wood floors or composite floors ”, Because floor tiles and stones have strong thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause cold radiation, “ Low comfort and may contain radioactive substances ”; The living room should not be fully suspended, because it not only affects the indoor net height, but also causes material waste

according to the introduction, this "code for design of residential full decoration" is a recommended standard, not mandatory, and is especially suitable for houses that need a large number of rapid construction. In the future, the public rental housing projects invested by the municipal affordable housing construction and investment center and the targeted resettlement housing projects for population relief in central cities will take the lead in promoting and implementing this standard




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