Brief introduction and processing customization of

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Brief introduction and processing customization of biogas booster fan

brief introduction and processing customization of biogas booster fan

biogas booster fan is a large directional design process for biogas combustion, biogas power generation and so on. It is mainly used for biogas pressurization and pressure stabilization, which is characterized by safety, convenient transportation and installation, pressurization, pressure stabilization and automatic control

I. role of biogas booster fan:

it is used for stabilizing the pressure of biogas system and boosting the pressure of gas equipment. The equipment is composed of frequency converter, roots blower, buffer tank, etc. After the pressure value of the biogas booster fan is set, the booster fan will automatically start or stop according to the biogas pressure in the buffer tank, so as to ensure the stability of the pressure in the tank

II. Brief introduction to biogas booster fan

1 Roots blower is an important part of the pressurization and pressure stabilization system. It adopts a three blade runner and a box with spiral line, so the noise and vibration of the fan is very small

2. The impeller and shaft are of integral structure, and the impeller is free of wear. The performance of the fan remains unchanged for a long time and can operate continuously for a long time

3. High speed, high efficiency, and very compact structure

4. The structure is simple. Due to the use of special bearings, it has superior durability, longer service life than domestic fans, and convenient maintenance and management

5. Due to the gear oil slinging device, there will be no oil leakage.

third, the biogas booster fan processing customization

the biogas booster fan size and fan, buffer tank model can be customized according to customer requirements. The height and diameter of biogas inlet and outlet pipelines can also be adjusted to meet the needs of various projects

the biogas booster fan has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, convenient operation, high manufacturing accuracy, long-term operation, high efficiency, energy saving and stable operation. Special anti-corrosion material coating is used inside the fan to resist the sulfur corrosion of biogas, and imported seals are used to achieve perfect sealing effect

IV. characteristics of biogas booster fan

the rotors are all produced by precision CNC special equipment. Before assembly, they all undergo dynamic and static balance tests, and the fan vibration is very small

high precision grinding gear, reducing mechanical noise

new fully enclosed mailbox and lubrication system, no oil injection and no oil leakage

the "echo Gallery" structure built on the wall panel helps to dissipate the heat of lubricating oil and reduce the mechanical noise

purpose of biogas booster fan:

(1) when the air source is insufficient, the negative pressure function of booster pump can be used to achieve air supply standard and normal pressure

(2) the biogas booster fan has reliable sealing, no leakage, safety and reliability. After being equipped with an automatic control system, it can achieve automatic switching within the set pressure range. Frequency conversion can also be used to adjust flow and speed

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