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Mr. Wang, who has just been renovated, said that I don't mean to blindly pursue many high-end and top-notch things, but some low-end markets are really doing badly. According to the author, Mr. Wang met many troubles before and after the recent home decoration, not only the consumption of money, but also your investment in energy and time, which really makes people feel very tired. Many people who have experienced decoration have the same ideas as Mr. Wang. The excitement in the early stage, the tension and busyness in the process, and some after-sales guarantee problems in the later use all make consumers feel physically and mentally exhausted. Then, in addition to the tense and cumbersome construction process, what aspects of the problems before and after the home decoration need consumers' attention

planning stage: the plan can't catch up with the changes, and additional costs are inevitable.

according to Mr. Wang, who lives in Wangjing, Beijing, it took nearly half a year to decorate this time. The more important thing in the early stage of preparation is the budget. You may not be able to do all the small details, but you should have a score in mind for the general direction and basic pricing. Mr. Wang said that at that time, I chose a ‘ Guerrillas ’. This is mainly because many famous decoration companies offer relatively high prices, but in fact, many of them may not really work by themselves. Many of them also charge you high prices, and then invite some guerrillas to contract the construction at a low price. I find this guerrilla, and I can directly communicate with his foreman about some things, which is very convenient. The house is about 100 square meters, and the price was set at about 52000 at that time. They are responsible for the main cement, and I will buy some things for the floor tiles and cabinets by myself. In this regard, Mr. Wang reminded consumers that at that time, the 52000 was settled, and the brands of building materials for many projects could be selected by myself. At that time, there was another quotation of about 45000, but the use of building materials can only be bought by the contractor team. Relatively speaking, the brand quality will be much weaker

as for what should be paid attention to in budgeting, Mr. Wang gave only four words more. The budget you made before the decoration can be said to be a foundation. If you calculate it after the completion of the whole project, it will be only a lot more. Mr. Wang said that it was normal for the budget to have an extra floating space of 10000 or 20000 in the later stage. We must try to improve the budgets while leaving a range of possible increased expenditures. This is like a spare table at a wedding banquet, which may not be used but must be available

purchase stage: many businesses sell dog meat hanging sheep's head

buying floor tiles may be a content that many decorators attach great importance to, and Mr. Wang is no exception. Asked about the preparations for buying floor tiles, Mr. Wang said: we must have an understanding of the market before buying. Otherwise, running in various markets every day is really tiring. You should follow the progress of the project at any time to know what you need to buy in advance. Now there are relevant forums on many networks, and consumers have commented on the cost performance of some goods after using them. That is a reference for me to choose floor tiles. What is more important is that some suggestions of the foreman are also very important. Collecting some reference opinions in advance can reduce a lot of unnecessary time. As far as floor tiles are concerned, as long as they are slightly brand-name, they will not have too much quality problems, and there will be no great difference in firmness and deformation. But one thing reminds consumers to be careful. Mr. Wang said that he once selected floor tiles in a building materials market around Sihui and found that merchants were selling dog meat with sheep's heads. The merchant said that it was Marco Polo's floor tiles, but in fact, there was only one style, and the others were made by some small factories, and there was even no brand. But the boss will use the only real brand of products to deceive consumers and mistakenly make people think that other things are the same brand. The price is certainly not low

there is another point that needs attention. Mr. Wang said that building materials such as floor tiles, which may need to be purchased in large quantities, had better be purchased from markets relatively close to home. Why is it not a place where the cost performance of building materials is higher? What do you think the cost performance of goods includes? In addition to the quality and price of the material object itself, your own investment in time and energy may have exceeded its cheaper price. Before buying floor tiles, I also learned that there is a distribution center of floor tiles and building materials outside the South Fourth Ring Road. The price of floor tiles there is even half cheaper than some markets in the city, and the quality is mostly guaranteed. However, if you count the transportation fees and the time and energy consumed by the journey, it may not be cost-effective for me personally

of course, Mr. Wang also said that the specific situation of individuals is different. If you happen to be close to there, or you really need a lot of building materials to buy together, it is worth paying some extra costs

measurement stage: if you don't pay attention, you can calculate less area and more money

for the big project of installing a house, it seems that consumers have been cheated by pits and can't be avoided. Mr. Wang gave us the simplest example. Take the installation of Guardrails for example. At that time, the house was basically installed. I was anxious to move in. Before installing the guardrail, I didn't measure the area myself, and I didn't ask the contractor to measure it for me. I directly asked the person who installed the guardrail to do these things. As a result, things were installed and the money was paid. It was found that the actual installation area was smaller than the measured area he reported. It's too difficult for me to get back the overpaid money. It's impossible for the other party to send you back the money they got. In the end, you can only return half, which is the best situation

after sales stage: every price is cheap, and there is no good guarantee behind it.

Mr. Wang said he was very angry when he mentioned some contents of after-sales service. At that time, in order to save threeorfour thousand yuan, who would have thought that so much trouble would be caused later

the trouble Mr. Wang said was caused by the poor after-sales service of his Xinan bathroom cabinet. The same bathroom cabinet sold at different prices of more than 3000 yuan and more than 7000 yuan in the South and north of the city, respectively. After hesitating for a long time, it was still trying to get cheaper. But I didn't expect that the mirror on the cabinet fell off within two weeks after the installation, and there were some problems with the cabinet. I'll tell you this when I buy it. Well, if there's a problem, I'll contact the merchant. There's just wrangling for you. I don't care about you. The warranty promise can be said to be nothing that can be really implemented. Because it's customized, it's impossible to return goods. If it's repaired, it needs to run back and forth many times. It's worn out and very tossed. Looking back now, I really regret the bargain of threeorfour thousand yuan at that time. Mr. Wang said that a friend said that in the home town in the north of the city, if the finished products are basically returned, the later maintenance of customized goods will also be more straightforward. It's really a matter of price and goods, and the choice of purchase place cannot be vague. The gap in later service guarantee is very obvious

what also leads to price differences is the quality of the goods themselves. Mr. Wang attaches great importance to the choice of cabinets. After all, they are commonly used in the kitchen, so we should try to choose better quality ones. He said that in sihuina building materials market and another household market with good reputation, basically the same cabinets were sold for 8000 yuan and 18000 yuan respectively. But it is particularly obvious that as long as you are close to the former product, you will smell a particularly pungent smell. On the contrary, the latter has little taste

in some formal large-scale home furnishing markets, it basically allows you to smell the smell of those building materials and furniture, and basically there will be no problem. However, it is difficult to guarantee some privately operated cheap goods. Mr. Wang reminded consumers. My personal suggestion is to choose some branded goods as much as possible within the range of personal economic ability, and also buy peace of mind for yourself. Also, try to buy building materials close to you, so that future maintenance matters will be more convenient





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