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On December 3, the four month "m+ China high end interior design competition" officially ended in Shanghai. Uiot super smart will work with more industry excellent design masters to create a better future

on December 3, the four month "m+ China high end interior design competition" officially ended in Shanghai. It is an interior design competition with the largest number of participants, the widest urban coverage, the most professional industry segmentation, the highest degree of media integration and the most quality effect in Greater China

design masters gathered at the m+

China high end interior design competition award ceremony

2018 m+ China high end interior design competition

smart home partner - uiot super smart home

this competition was initiated by red star Macalline and jointly created by Red Star Macalline and Sina home. The competition covers more than 150 cities across the country and more than 1million designers. The 14 most influential contemporary national treasure design masters at home and abroad personally sit on the jury, and have received the full assistance of nearly 10 of the world's most authoritative international design institutions and associations. This competition has caused great repercussions in the design industry

December 3 is the annual "love home day" of Red Star Macalline. The new season of "love home day" and m+ China high-end interior design competition work together, with the theme of "home is changing, love home does not change", so that the integration of love and design, so that love produces intelligent sparks, and "love" to the end

giants work together to re energize China's high-end interior design

in the future, red star Macalline, together with "uiot super smart home", a giant in the field of smart home, empowers domestic designers, creates a dream stage for designers everywhere in the design industry, gathers the best designers in the country, has insight into the needs of consumers, and perfectly integrates design, Internet, artificial intelligence, etc

as a smart home partner in 2018, uiot super smart home is committed to the R & D and production of the whole house smart home system, striving to make technology provide more colorful smart scenes for family life, build an interconnected Home Internet of things, and create a more convenient, faster, more comfortable, safer, healthier, smarter and sustainable living environment for users. Empower designers, provide more intelligent software and hardware support for the whole house, and let designers create better, smarter and more personalized home decoration customization solutions

at the competition site, national treasure level design masters highly appreciated the contribution made by uiot super smart home to the industry. Uiot super smart home is a brand model in the smart home industry. In the future, we will work with more outstanding design masters in the industry to create a better future

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