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What role does Foton Heavy Industry play in the field of loaders

Guide: on July 10, the prototype loader of Foton Heavy Industry was officially launched in Jiuhua villa in the suburbs of Beijing. The overall structure of the prototype is compact, and the appearance is slightly streamlined, showing a distinctive style, which is refreshing. Foton Heavy Industry said: batch products will only be better than the prototype. At times

on July 10, the prototype loader of Foton Heavy Industries was officially launched in Jiuhua villa in the suburbs of Beijing

the overall structure of the prototype is compact, and the appearance is slightly streamlined, showing a distinctive style, which is refreshing. A relevant person from Foton Heavy Industry said: "batch products will only be better than prototypes."

at the "first business meeting of Foton Heavy Industry in 2004" held the next day, President wangjinfu said that we should make full use of domestic and foreign product technology, manufacturing technology and management technology resources, and combine Foton brand advantages to create a leading loader technology and management platform from a high starting point

from this, Foton Heavy Industries is not only well prepared, but also ambitious

as we all know, loaders are the largest piece of cake in the field of construction machinery and the most competitive product. Despite the gratifying development of the loader industry in the past two years, the loader sales have dropped significantly under the background of national macro-control. Why does Foton Heavy Industry want to step in at this time

strategic layout

it is reported that Foton Heavy Industry Group was established in December2003 by Hebei Xuangong group, Foton enterprises and its subordinate Foton environmental protection power Co., Ltd. jointly with 50 strategic investors such as Shangchai

"2004 is the most critical year for Foton's' new three steps' development, and the first year for Foton Heavy Industry to realize its strategic start. The company should not only realize the internationalization of market operation and resource allocation, but also realize horizontal expansion in related industries, so that Foton's development can be greatly improved in both external expansion and internal growth." Wangjinfu said

obviously, if the establishment of Foton Heavy Industries marks the formal involvement of Foton in the field of construction machinery, then the introduction of loaders is the inevitable choice for its expansion in the field of construction machinery. Statistics show that China has become a big loader producer, and its output last year exceeded half of the world's total output

a senior official of Foton Heavy Industry said: "the creed of Foton Heavy Industry is to be the second without being the first. Choosing to develop the loader business is not an expedient measure, but a thoughtful strategic arrangement."

in fact, insiders are not surprised by this. Luodonghai, general manager of XCMG loader factory, said in an interview: "Futian loader is just a signal that it is fully involved in construction machinery. After all, loader is the largest product in construction machinery. Choosing such a product as a breakthrough can play a good role in creating momentum. Because it is not enough to improve Futian's influence in the construction machinery industry only on the platform of the original products of Hebei Xuangong."

Foton Heavy Industries aims to enter the first competitive team of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers in the next four years. Among them, excavators should enter the middle end market to produce a full series of excavators with high quality and medium price, leading the middle and low end market; Loader products should be developed in a full range, occupy the market with low price and high quality, and occupy the leading position in the middle and high-end market; Bulldozer products should be further extended up and down to occupy a leading position in the personalized market

competitive advantage

loader is a typical strategic product for construction machinery enterprises. Due to the mature technology and sound supporting system of domestic loaders, the entry threshold is low. Because of this, the "price war" in the industry has never stopped, which makes the multinational construction machinery giants fear. Although foreign brands occupy 90% of the market share of Chinese excavators, domestic loaders not only firmly occupy the domestic market, but also the export is increasing year by year

industry authorities believe that domestic loader manufacturers are currently conducting "domestic leagues", but they have preliminarily acquired the ability to participate in "international competitions"

under such a market environment, how will Foton Heavy Industry gain competitive advantage

yanghongqi, President of China Construction Machinery Association, believes that Foton Heavy Industry has advanced business operation, management and service concepts, which helps it participate in the competition in the construction machinery industry. He said, "the construction machinery industry has always been open and encourages free competition. If the new entrants can overcome the backward enterprises in the industry, this is progress for the industry."

Lu ang, deputy general manager of production of Foton Heavy Engineering machinery branch, said that although the loader industry is highly competitive, there is still a lot of room for development. First of all, there is still a big gap in reliability compared with foreign products. At present, the average trouble free working time of domestic products is about 400 hours, while that of foreign products is between 1000 and 1200 hours. Secondly, domestic loaders still have a lot to be improved in appearance modeling and humanization of driving environment. In general, the explosion industry caused by the high energy density of domestic construction machinery batteries is still in the stage of extensive operation

according to relevant personnel of Foton, Foton Heavy Industry has various resources available for development of loader business, with obvious comparative advantages

first, brand advantages. Under the Foton brand, the annual output of automobiles last year exceeded 260000; In agricultural equipment, combine harvesters and tractors have achieved an ideal market position. The power of the brand can also be extended on the loader

second, business combination advantages. The industries developed by Foton are relevant. The three businesses of Foton Heavy Engineering machinery, special vehicles and agricultural equipment can be shared in technology development, product engineering development, supply chain, product manufacturing, quality management and human resources; Distribution channels and service networks can rely on each other

the third is the advantage of technical support. Foton has cooperated with the German Dai Ke group, which is the world's top walking machinery company; In terms of production management, a team of Japanese experts provided relevant support. "Toyota can not only reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, but also help it achieve" lean "production of construction machinery

fourth, regional advantages. Foton Heavy Industries has five branches, namely, Beijing construction machinery branch, Beijing Auman special vehicle branch, Weifang agricultural equipment branch, Zhucheng motorcycle and Xuangong Co., Ltd., forming a regional structure of "one headquarters (Beijing) and two bases (Hebei and Shandong)", which will provide conditions for Foton Heavy Industries to build a competitive market value chain

opportunities and challenges

according to industry statistics, the loader industry currently presents an obvious "Two Echelon" competition pattern. Liugong, Xiamen and Longgong belong to the first echelon, with equal strength and playing the role of industry leader; Temporary workers, XCMG, Changlin, Shangong and Chenggong are in the second echelon, and the distance between them is not wide. The market share of the top three enterprises is only about 47%

industry analysts pointed out that this competition pattern of "the strong is not strong, and the weak is not weak" shows that the loader industry has no really strong enterprises and brands, and industrial integration is the general trend

3. The stretching speed should be between (100 ± 10) mm/min

wangjinfu believes that the impact of macro-control policies on the construction machinery industry is obvious. At present, the sales of some well-known brands are still OK according to the financial reports, but the non brand products can not be sold. The current market situation is very beneficial to enterprises with standardized operation, emphasis on brand, efficiency and technology, and core competitiveness, and is conducive to the integration of these enterprises into the industry

can Foton Heavy Industry play the role of an integrator

luodonghai believes that although Foton has many advantages, it will take a long time to cultivate the loader market, and it is difficult to form a competitive product in the short term. Foton may already have the conditions in terms of capital and management, but talent is a big problem

wangguochao, deputy general manager of sales of Foton Heavy Industry Construction Machinery Branch, believes that the reason for the lack of talent flow in the construction machinery industry is that, on the one hand, most of the industry are state-owned enterprises and there is no mechanism to attract talent flow; On the other hand, there are too few ways out for talents. With the intervention and rapid development of emerging enterprises such as Foton Heavy Industry, the flow of professionals in the industry will become easier

He Gang, deputy general manager of Xiamen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., believes that after years of market trials, the loader industry has no longer been a state-owned enterprise in the original sense. Although Foton has its own characteristics in the operation mode, it will not have a great impact on the industry in a short period of time

it is Fukuda's consistent strategy to seek opportunities only in mature industries. In the opinion of Foton's decision makers, what kind of competitors may not be important, but how to do better than competitors. The strategic principle of "scale transformation benefits, competition determines location" is also applicable to the loader industry

can Foton Heavy Industry revisit its old dream this time

Fukuda's decision makers are basically passionate dreamers, but the execution of this team is often beyond people's imagination. I remember when Futian listed its core business of agricultural vehicles on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998, it announced that it would enter the automobile industry. At that time, it was like a dream. But they achieved their goal

obviously, all predictions about the outcome are still too early. There is only one fact, that is, a passionate dreamer has come

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