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What should be paid attention to for cable tray

cable tray is a kind of fully enclosed cable tray, which is most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other control cables of highly sensitive systems. It has good effects in shielding interference and cable protection in heavy corrosive environment. It is considered that galvanizing is used for surface treatment when slot straight through is used as shielding

1. Selection of cable tray

1.1 in the engineering design, the layout of cable tray shall be comprehensively compared according to economic rationality, technical feasibility, operation safety and other factors. The price of domestic similar products is 2.5 per ton (2) 60000 yuan to determine the best scheme, and fully meet the requirements of construction, installation, maintenance, overhaul and cable laying

1.2 when the cable tray is laid horizontally, the height from the ground is generally not less than 2.5m. When it is laid vertically, the part less than 1.8m from the ground shall be protected by a metal cover plate, except when it is laid in a special electrical room. If the cable tray is horizontally laid on the equipment interlayer or catwalk and is less than 2.5m, protective grounding measures shall be taken

1.3 cable trays, trunking and their supports and hangers shall be made of corrosion-resistant rigid materials when used in corrosive environment Or adopt anti-corrosion treatment. If necessary, hot water or detergent will be used for cleaning. The treatment method shall meet the requirements of engineering environment and durability. Aluminum alloy cable trays should be used in places with high corrosion resistance requirements or requiring cleanliness

1.4 in the sections where the cable tray has fire protection requirements, the cable ladder and tray can be added with fire-resistant or flame-retardant plates to form a closed or semi closed structure, and measures such as painting a fire-proof coating on the surface of the cable tray and its supports and hangers shall be taken. The overall fire resistance performance shall meet the requirements of relevant national codes or standards. In places with high fire prevention requirements Aluminum alloy cable tray shall not be used

1.5 cable lines requiring electromagnetic interference shielding Or there are environmental requirements to protect the external shadow n direction, such as outdoor sunshine, oil, corrosive liquid, flammable dust, etc Non perforated tray type cable tray shall be selected

1.6 cover plate shall be selected for cable tray in places where dust is easy to accumulate; Crossing road sections in public passages or outdoors Base plate or perforated tray should be added on the bottom tray

1.7 cables of different voltages and purposes should not be laid in the same layer of cable tray:

(1) above 1kV and 14. There is no corrosive medium around; KV and below cables:

(2) double circuit cables that supply power to primary load in the same path

(3) cables for emergency lighting and other lighting:

(4) power, control and telecommunication cables

if cables of different grades are laid in the same cable tray, a partition shall be added in the middle

1.8 when the straight-line length of steel cable tray exceeds 30m, aluminum alloy can carry out complex data analysis. When the length of gold cable tray exceeds 15m Or when the cable tray passes through the building expansion (settlement) joint, an o-30mm compensation allowance shall be reserved The connection should be made with telescopic connecting plate

1.9 the width and height of cable ladder and tray shall meet the requirements of filling rate. Generally, the filling rate of cable in ladder and tray can be 40%-50% for power cable and 50% for control cable. 70%. In addition, it is advisable to reserve 10% to 252 project development margin

1.10 when selecting the load grade of the cable tray, the working uniform load of the cable tray shall not be greater than the rated uniform load of the selected load grade of the cable tray, if the actual span of the supports and hangers of the cable tray is not equal to 2m

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