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What should be noted before starting the centrifugal pump

(1) preparation before startup

a. before startup, check whether the name, model, main performance and filling quantity of

lubricating oil meet the requirements of technical documents

whether the bearing lubrication system, sealing system and cooling system are in good condition, and whether the oil and water circuits of the bearing are unblocked

turn the rotor of the pump for 1 ~ 2 revolutions to check whether there is friction or seizure

whether there are sundries that hinder the rotation near the coupling or belt protection device

whether the foundation anchor bolts of pump, bearing pedestal and motor are loose

the valve or accessory device of the pump working system shall be at the position with the minimum load when the pump is running, and the outlet regulating valve shall be closed

jog the pump to see if the impeller rotation is consistent with the design rotation. If not, the pump can only be started after the impeller completely stops rotating and the motor wiring is adjusted

b. water filling

before starting the water pump, the pump shell and suction pipe must be filled with water, because the vacuum of the pumping population cannot be formed and maintained in the presence of air

c. warm up pump

the pump conveying high-temperature liquid, such as the boiler feed pump of the power plant, must warm up the pump before starting. This is because when the feed pump is started, the high-temperature feed water flows through the pump, which quickly increases the pump body temperature from normal temperature to 100 ~ 200 ℃, which will cause the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pump and between the components. If there is no sufficient and irreplaceable material, long heat transfer time and appropriate temperature rise control measures will cause uneven expansion of the pump, resulting in 2 Error of experimental force: ± 1% of deformation, wear, vibration and bearing holding accident of each part

(2) startup procedure

about model selection: for the model selection of the equipment, the pump chamber and suction pipe are all filled with water without air, and the outlet pump is closed. The warming up of feed pump is completed

for the forced lubrication pump, start the oil pump to supply oil to each bearing

start the cooling water pump or open the cooling water valve

switch on and start. After starting, the pump idling time shall not exceed 2 ~ 4min. After the speed reaches the rated value, gradually open the outlet valve of the centrifugal pump to increase the flow and meet the required load

(3) precautions during operation

the pump manufacturer has regulations on the temperature of the bearing. The temperature rise of the rolling bearing is generally not more than 40 ℃, and the surface temperature is not more than 70 ℃. Otherwise, it indicates that there are problems inside the rolling bearing, and it should be shut down for inspection. If it continues to operate, it may cause accidents. For the temperature regulation of sliding bearing, please refer to the technical documents related to the pump. The treatment method is the same as the market development of thermoplastic products and the technical dynamic bearing at 10:30 11:00

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