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What safety precautions should be paid attention to when using welding torch and cutting torch

welding torch, also known as welding gun, is used to mix combustible gas and oxygen to form a welding flame with certain energy by professional pneumatic force. Cutting electronic universal experimental machine torch, also known as cutting knife and cutter, is used to mix oxygen and acetylene in proportion to form a preheating flame, and spray high-pressure pure oxygen onto the cut workpiece to form a slit


before using the welding gun and cutting torch, the suction performance and air tightness must be checked first; When igniting, first open the acetylene valve and ignite it, and then open the oxygen to regulate the flame; When the fire is turned off, acetylene shall be turned off first and then oxygen. In case of flashback, acetylene and oxygen shall be turned off immediately. When the plastic processing machinery and equipment enterprises stop using, they also increase the R & D and innovation of renewable plastic processing technology. It is strictly prohibited to permanently connect welding torches, rubber hoses and gas sources

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