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Plasticizer industry should develop environmental protection products to meet future challenges

recently, at the 2010 (second) international market summit of phthalic anhydride, plasticizer and upstream and downstream industrial chain (Nanchong) held in Shanghai, relevant experts repeatedly called on relevant domestic enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, develop high-quality and efficient green products that meet the requirements of health and environmental protection, and meet the challenges of the future market

this news is undoubtedly the "Gospel" of consumers. With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the concern about the harm of chemicals to human health in all countries of the world, relevant limits have been issued for the most commonly used plasticizers such as phthalates and phosphates. Usually, they will be produced in a unique or small batch way, and regulations and technical standards will be issued. China is a large producer and consumer of plasticizers in Asia, with a plasticizer production capacity of about 3million tons and an output of about 1.5 million tons

because many enterprises do not pay enough attention to the relevant international industrial regulations, they are unprepared in the face of various new regulations emerging in endlessly, which has a huge impact on the foreign trade industries such as children's toys, food packaging, consumer goods and medical plastic products. Although greatly affected, the introduction of various international industry regulations is to ensure that the risk of harmful plasticizers is reasonably controlled and gradually replaced. Although the new international regulations have established high technical barriers, once surpassed, relevant domestic enterprises will promote the upgrading of plasticizer industry from both technology and market aspects

liaozhengpin, President of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, pointed out that China's precision can meet the requirements, and there is still huge room for the development of the plastics industry, but we must increase investment in technological innovation, pay attention to the introduction and training of technical personnel, strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, track the latest trend of technological development at home and abroad, and strive to develop products and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights, Improve the overall technical level and independent innovation ability of the industry

expert Shi wancong believes that plasticizers play an indispensable role in providing high-quality plastic products for mankind, but the safety problems and environmental hazards they bring pose new challenges to mankind. The EU has banned the use of DBP and DOP in toys and daily necessities since January 2007. The United States, Japan and other countries have also introduced restrictions on plasticizers in consumer goods such as food packaging and toys. The research and development of plasticizers that are safe and harmless to the environment has become an urgent topic for the development of the industry

Shi wancong believes that it has become an inevitable trend to accelerate the elimination of toxic plasticizers and the development and promotion of new non-toxic plasticizers. Therefore, domestic plasticizer enterprises should first constantly pay attention to the latest updates, progress and adjustments of the laws and regulations of exporting countries in relevant fields, and do a good job in response as soon as possible. Secondly, to increase the research and development of new "non-toxic" and environmental friendly plasticizers, this area needs more innovation, correctly judge the market demand, and timely adjust the production structure

it is reported that after decades of development, China's plasticizer industry has a considerable industrial base. In the face of new international laws and regulations, constantly adjusting and changing the variety structure, more advanced detection methods and more reasonable evaluation methods, some production enterprises have begun to make great efforts to study new catalysis and separation processes, vigorously develop and promote non-toxic, environmental friendly and biodegradable plasticizers, and promote a new generation of plasticizers with a higher ratio of rotatable collets, more reliable safety and environment-friendly at the left end

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