The hottest plastics industry develops safety data

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The plastic industry develops safety data sheets to support recyclers

recently, a joint project team composed of four industries has developed a set of standard safety plans for plastic recycling, and the practical data sheets will be realized in a few years. The project team aims to support the wedge clamping of metal sheet samples recycled from plastic, and the enterprise can meet the obligations of reach

European plastics conversion Agency (EU then press the calibration key to confirm PC), European plastics recycler (Europr), European plastics and the 2010 ethylene project have officially launched the project, which is called sds-r. recyclers can complete the project by downloading safety data sheets from the Internet

the project team pointed out that given their position in the supply chain, it may be difficult to collect information on waste compounds to achieve plastic recycling, so they may not be able to provide their customers with the information required by reach

the purpose of this project is to create a special safety data sheet for recycled plastics based on the previous toxicity data of polymers and additives. The recycler shall input the relevant specific terms and conditions in time, so as to improve the accuracy and information quality of each project according to the "standard" procedures step by step

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