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Plasticizers in China lead the transformation of green products

plasticizers are polymer additives widely used in industry. Adding this substance to the processing of plastics (synthetic leather, etc.) can enhance its flexibility. This is to solve the two traditional problems of industrial production at a higher level, that is, increasing output and reducing cost, easy processing, and higher efficiency, which can be legally used for industrial purposes

environmental plasticizer is a new type of plasticizer. This environmental plasticizer has the characteristics of non-toxic, non carcinogenic, green and environmental protection. Environmental plasticizers are used in plastic products, while plastic products with traditional plasticizers are facing severe safety tests. It is urgent to develop new varieties of environmental plasticizers. Plastic products with environmental plasticizers will occupy the whole international market

in fact, at present, the development of environmental friendly plasticizers in the world obviously lags behind the needs of production and life, which means that environmental friendly plasticizers have a broad international market. With the progress of science and technology, some traditional plasticizers may be replaced by new environmental friendly plasticizers, and the research and development of new environmental friendly plasticizers with the advantages of harmlessness, low price and good additive effect as alternative materials is a key link in the development of the current plastic products industry

China is still a blank in the field of environmental protection plasticizers, and in recent years, it has been frequently reported that plastic products are exported to European Union and other countries to refuse entry. The main reason is plasticizers. China is facing the transformation of environmental protection plasticizers to lead green plastic products. The research and development of environmental protection plasticizers has been working hard, but it is still far from the standards of environmental protection plasticizers in Europe and other countries. I believe, With the continuous progress of science and technology, our Congress will go further in the field of environmental friendly plasticizer packaging materials

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