The hottest plasticizing raw materials soared, and

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Plasticized raw materials soared, and the downstream chemical fiber followed up

as the price of plasticized raw materials continued to soar, the downstream, including chemical fiber raw materials and polyester chemical fiber products, were brewing the next wave of rise. At present, the downstream demand is quite intense, and the supply of all products is tight. Under the continuous optimism of the operation of chemical fiber products in the second quarter, with the strength of the market today, textile fiber stocks rose in an all-round way, with a sharp rise

the selling price of chemical fiber raw materials has increased significantly since March due to the rising cost of plasticizing raw materials and the obvious expansion of downstream demand. Among them, PTA has exceeded $400 per ton at one stroke, and it has been reported that the price of $500 has been raised. As for eg, it is also reflected that the pelletizer industry can certainly develop rapidly under the common expectation of the general public. The cost has risen by $30 per ton, especially in Taiwan Province, the self-sufficiency rate of EG is still insufficient, resulting in the recent stock price performance of Donglian and China National fiber under the condition of improved fundamentals

due to the current high-end selling prices of PTA upstream PX and eg upstream, including ethylene and light oil, the shortage of raw petroleum brain is serious at present, and the price is brewing to rise. It is understood that PTA and eg, among others, have the strength to increase by $100 per metric ton next month. It is expected that polyester chemical fiber products, which include the ring stiffness test in the next plan, will also increase accordingly

the rise of chemical fiber raw materials is brewing, and the chemical fiber factory is also brewing to increase the price of polyester raw silk. Since the polyester raw silk factory has cooperated with Europe's leading experienced partners to solve the difficulties of composite material design and manufacturing in March, it can turn losses into profits. If the price continues to rise in the second quarter, it is expected that the operation of the industry in the second quarter will be better than that in the first quarter, benefiting from the fundamental turnaround themes of the industry, including Yuanfang, Hualong Zhongfang, Xinxian The share price of Dongyun and others showed strong performance today

as the first quarter is the traditional peak season of polyester processed silk, coupled with the current hot export orders of polyester processed silk and full capacity, the stock prices of the five major professional false twist factories have staged a spurt market, and the stock prices have hit a new high this year. The stock prices of the processed silk group have performed well

due to the constant upward trend of the raw material market, textile stocks have recently benefited from the rise of the raw material market, and the performance of class stocks has soared. In addition, foreign legal institutions are also optimistic about the performance of traditional industry stocks this year, and it is expected that the textile stocks will continue to rise

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