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Plastics and rubber industries are expected to take the lead in recovery.

benefiting from national policies, plastics and rubber industries in the chemical industry are expected to take the lead in recovery. The national household appliance and automobile consumption stimulus policies promote the sales of household appliances and automobiles, and priority should be given to materials with low smoke generation rate index and low total smoke generation in 600s, driving the demand for plastics and rubber. The output and price of plastics and rubber have rebounded significantly, especially polystyrene, which increased by 13%. Among listed companies, Shuangliang shares and Jinfa technology have benefited significantly

we believe that the recovery of basic chemical industry in the second half of the year is a high probability event. From a macro perspective, the domestic macroeconomic growth rate has bottomed out and the fundamentals are gradually improving. We believe that this round of domestic economic recovery mainly comes from the economic recovery process of government investment and domestic consumption through fiscal policy. Judging from the international situation, the European and American consumer confidence index and PMI index have shown signs of bottoming out and rebounding since January 2009. At the same time, the devaluation of the RMB with the US dollar has the advantage of using low-cost technology to improve the performance of plastic packaging materials for the export of Chinese products. Therefore, it is believed that the recovery of external demand will be advanced. As a cyclical industry, the basic chemical industry is significantly affected by demand. We judge that the gradual recovery of the chemical industry in the second half of 2009 is worth looking forward to. Given that there is a process from economic recovery to basic chemical industry, we will temporarily maintain the industry rating of "synchronized market-a", and will choose an opportunity to improve the rating in the second half of the year

as for soda ash and chlor alkali industries, we need to wait for the full recovery of real estate. In 2009, the data of real estate sales area showed that the growth rate reached the peak level in 2007. The inventory of real estate continues to decline, the enthusiasm of domestic real estate developers to acquire land is gradually rising, and the growth rate of land purchase area is significantly accelerated. We judge that the real estate industry will enter a new round of prosperity in the second half of 2009. 2. Carry out tightening experiments on various tightening springs. At the same time, the boom of the real estate industry will drive the soda ash and chlor alkali industries to have inflection points in the second half of the year. Therefore, at the appropriate time point in the second half of 2009, the soda ash and chlor alkali industry will usher in a boom. At that time, soda ash enterprises suggest to pay attention to Shandong Haihua, Sanyou chemical and Shuanghuan technology, and chlor alkali company suggests to pay attention to Zhongtai chemical, yinglite and Nanhua

at present, crude oil prices continue to rise, which will promote the revival of alternative fuels for vehicles. Since hitting a three-year high on March 4 this year, the dollar has fallen nearly 10%. We judge that it is more likely that the dollar will continue to depreciate. Considering the gradual recovery of the global economy, international oil prices are bullish for a long time. In the upcoming new energy development plan, clean and efficient utilization of coal and alternative fuels for vehicles are defined as new energy for the first time. Ethanol gasoline, methanol gasoline, dimethyl ether and other alternative fuels for vehicles are facing development opportunities. It is suggested to pay attention to Guanghui shares, Weiyuan biochemical, sanaifu, Hualu Hengsheng, Yuanxing energy and Hainan Coconut Island

in addition, we believe that automotive power batteries and energy-saving materials are non cyclical long-term investment varieties. It is expected that the new energy industry revitalization plan and the energy conservation and environmental protection industry revitalization plan will be issued soon. The implementation of these two plans will drive trillions of investment. There are long-term investment opportunities in new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. China has carried out the pilot demonstration and promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, adopting the method of one-time quota subsidies and local financial supporting subsidies, and encouraging 13 cities such as Beijing and Shanghai to promote the use of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in the fields of public transport and taxis. By 2012, it should reach the promotion range of no less than 60000 vehicles. At the same time, the detailed rules of the revitalization outline of the automotive industry issued in March proposed that China should develop 500000 energy-saving and new energy vehicles in the next three years to form a vehicle power battery capacity of 1billion ampere hours. As the core technology of new energy vehicles, vehicle power batteries have broad development space. Ni MH power battery is recommended to pay attention to Zhongju hi tech, keliyuan and caien shares, and lithium ion power battery is recommended to pay attention to China Baoan, Jiangsu Guotai and Yishan shares

at the same time, in May, 2009, the fourth article of the Ministry of finance's ten key tasks to support the development of new energy and energy conservation and emission reduction pointed out that accelerating the implementation of the ten key energy-saving projects, supporting the energy-saving technological transformation of enterprises, promoting the energy-saving transformation of large public buildings and existing residential buildings, and encouraging the development of energy management contracts. In the future, the government may introduce financial subsidies or incentives for building energy conservation, which will greatly stimulate the demand for building energy-saving insulation materials such as polystyrene board and polyurethane. It is suggested to pay attention to Shuangliang shares, Yantai Wanhua and hongbaoli

it is widely used in metallurgy, boiler pressure vessel, steel plate, steel pipe, wind power generation, 5 gold, metal, casting, pump, valve, solar energy, military industry, fastener, diesel engine, electric power, iron tower, railway, shipping, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, automobile, chemical industry, aviation and aerospace, physical and chemical laboratory, scientific research and other departments. Note: the source of this reprint is indicated, Reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean agreeing with its views or confirming the authenticity of its content

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